DeMar DeRozan Needs To Stop Complaining

The way DeMar DeRozan has been acting, you would think he’s been traded to the Shanghai Sharks of the Chinese Basketball Association.
Seemingly every single day since DeRozan was traded from the Toronto Raptors to the San Antonio Spurs, there’s been a quote or soundbite about how wronged and betrayed he feels or how he gave everything to the city of Toronto and yada yada yada.
For a kid who grew up in Compton, his lack of perspective when it comes to this trade has been frankly shocking. Just look at some of these quotes in his most recent interview with ESPN:

 “But it’s been tough having this roller coaster.”
“At the end of the day, I gave everything I had to that team. And it showed, it showed in the progress we made as a team and me as an individual. So when you put that out there saying “gave them chances” and “I have to do something” … it’s B.S. to me.”
“I felt like I wasn’t treated with what I sacrificed for nine years.”

Look, I happen to be a huge DeMar DeRozan fan. Anyone who’s ever seen him speak can tell that he’s a kind, humble guy with a great head on his shoulders. And I understand he has legitimate reasons to be upset because he, too, is a human being — but let me just lay out a handful of reasons why actually he just needs to stop bitching, especially in public:

– In 2016, DeMar DeRozan signed a 5-year, $139 million contract.
– DeMar DeRozan averages $27.8 million per year.
– Over the last 20 years, the San Antonio Spurs have won 5 championships: the most championships in any of the top four professional sports in America during that timespan (other than the Patriots). DeMar DeRozan now plays for the San Antonio Spurs.
– DeMar DeRozan, who has never been to the NBA Finals, is one of the top-10 highest paid players in the NBA.
– Since 2013, the San Antonio Spurs have appeared in NBA Finals (2) more times than the Raptors have appeared in the Eastern Conference Finals (1).
– Have I mentioned that DeRozan is currently in the middle of a 5-year, $139 million contract?
– DeMar DeRozan makes another estimated $5.5 million per year due to his endorsements with Nike and Gatorade.
– There are seven states in the country that do not have a state income tax, however, only two of those states (Texas & Florida) have NBA teams: DeMar DeRozan now plays in Texas.
– Gregg Popovich, the head coach of the San Antonio Spurs, is the longest-tenured active coach in both the NBA and all major sports leagues in the United States. During that time, “Pop” has amassed a record-setting 21 consecutive winning seasons — surpassing Phil Jackson — and won five NBA championships as a head coach, a feat only matched four others in NBA history—Jackson, Red Auerbach, Pat Riley, and John Kundla. DeMar DeRozan now plays for Gregg Popovich.
– DeMar DeRozan makes over $3000 per hour due to his NBA contract.

Did the Raptors mishandle DeRozan’s trade? Yeah, probably. Does it suck to have your life uprooted from Toronto to Texas? I’m sure it does. But does that mean DeRozan has the right to go on a week-long “what about me”-fest? Absolutely not.
The dude has been paid more money than he knows how to spend for playing the game he loves and now he has the opportunity to play under the greatest coach of all-time: I think its time to suck it up, DeMar.

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