Fantasy Football 2018: Best Draft Strategies, Tips & Tricks

Everyone always wants to find the best way to dominate their fantasy football league. Step one should be the draft, but it’s not, that’s trash talk. Find a way to get under the skin of your friends and use it. Step two is the draft because you can’t trash talk without a competent team. But how do you dominate that draft? That depends on your scoring system. So first, determine your scoring system, then, make a plan of attack.

PPR (Points Per Reception)

PPR has been rising quickly in popularity among fantasy football players. Depending on your commissioner, you can earn anywhere from half a point to a full point for every catch made by your players. Load up on wide receivers early, in a PPR league, value receiving backs who don’t see the field more than someone in a standard league.
For example, Christian McCaffery should be valued similarly to Ezekiel Elliott. That might sound crazy, but McCaffery got 113 targets last year and caught 80 of them. That’s a ton of extra points. If you feel the need to pick a running back in the first round, value Todd Gurley, David Johnson and maybe Le’Veon Bell (who knows when he’ll actually play so be careful). But don’t be afraid to stack up on receivers and a tight end early, and wait on a running back.
Overdrafting a tight end is helpful too, especially if they’re a pure pass catcher like Evan Engram or Jimmy Graham. We know about the Gronkowski’s and Kelce’s of the world, but don’t be afraid to take someone like Engram a round or two earlier than you might want to.


This can be tricky, because commissioners can still alter scoring settings, so be aware of your league’s rules and take a look at them before you start the draft. Running backs are way more valuable in a league like this, so attack them early. Unless you pick beyond seventh or eighth, or none of the top five running backs are on the board, you need to pick one.
Don’t sleep on quarterbacks either, as the standard scoring system can increase their value a bit. While in standard fantasy football scoring leagues, a touchdown only receives four points, one point per 25 yards will really help if you have an elite quarterback. Having a dual threat QB helps too, as they accumulate points like a running back would for rushing yards. Early on, going with the best player available isn’t a terrible strategy.
It sounds silly but consider drafting a defense early too, especially with what the Jaguars defense did last season, it wouldn’t hurt to have extra scoring like that every week.

Keep some of these tips in my mind as your draft and season approaches and we’re sure that you’ll see a ton of fantasy football success.

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