Which Sport Fan Stereotype Are You?

Sports fans can be the life of the party while other’s can ruin the night for everyone. Some are energetic and lively while others can be flat out annoying. Sporting events are meant to be enjoyed amongst others with the healthy fun of competition. It shouldn’t be a yelling match between two drunk men in a bar. Sports fans can take their love of their teams to the extreme. Take a look at our list for sport fan stereotypes and see which one you are, and be honest with your choice.

The Bandwagon Fan


There is always that one fan you know who can never choose a team. Every season they decide to root for a different team. More than likely it’s the team that one the championship the year before or the underdogs. These fans are probably people who know very little about sports and try to fit into their friend group. They will die for their chosen team, but they probably couldn’t name one player on the team.

The Gambler


The fan who will bet money on anything that happens in the game. They are not afraid to throw their money around, but that doesn’t mean this fan is wealthy. They are probably broke, and their only income is the money they win from gambling. Stay far away from this fan when they come into view, hold your wallet tight and slowly step away.

The Anger Management Fan


This is a fan who will threaten to kill you. The anger turns on when their team loses the coin toss. No tears will be shed by this person, more blood, and sweat. If their team loses they will throw their TV out the window or throw themselves out the window. This person does not like to lose at anything. But, don’t think you are safe around them. If they don’t hurt themselves, they will hurt you. It’s best to take away any sharp or heavy objects around them.

The Sore Winner & Loser


Similar to the anger management fan, but in this case, it’s someone who overreacts when winning and losing. If their team loses, they will pitch a fit like a child, however, if their team wins they will run around their neighborhood screaming at the top of their lungs telling everyone they are losers. They are not afraid about what other people think of them; it’s their way or no way.

The “I Don’t Know What’s Going On” Fan


Usually, there is one person at a sports party who has no idea what is going on. Sometimes they are clueless about what sport is being played. These fans are usually only at the parties to watch the halftime shows or mooch off the free food. They are not real sports fans and deserve to be kicked out of every party unless they bring alcohol, which in that case they are more than welcome to stay and not cheer.

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