MLB Home Run Derby 2018: Participants & Must-See Preview

The Home Run Derby can be one of the most exciting events of the summer, with some of the best hitters in baseball competing against each other. It is one of the defining summer events for many sports fans and this year is sure to continue the tradition of fun. The MLB is continuing their new format of using a bracket to pair off players rather than having everyone compete against each other and having the top players move on. The Derby is a must-watch event for baseballs fans, sports fans and fans of fun in general, so make sure you find a way to watch it! Check out the list below for all the details you need to watch and a complete list of the eight participants this year.

Home Run Derby 2018 Viewing Details:

Date: July 16th
Time: 8:00 PM
Location: Nationals Park, Washington DC
Channel: ESPN

1. Jesus Aguilar, Brewers, 1B

Jesus Aguilar
2018 Home Runs: 24
Longest Home Run: 433 feet
Odds: 3/1 (+300)

2. Bryce Harper, Nationals, OF


2018 Home Runs: 23
Longest Home Run: 473 feet
Odds: 7/5 (+140)

3. Max Muncy, Dodgers, 1B/3B

2018 Home Runs: 22
Longest Home Run: 450 feet
Odds: 5/1 (+500)

4. Alex Bregman, Astros, 3B

Alex Bregman infielder for the Houston Astros at Chase Field in Phoenix,Arizona USA May 4,2018. -D-Backs

2018 Home Runs: 20
Longest Home Run: 420 feet
Odds: 15/2 (+750)

5. Kyle Schwarber, Cubs, OF

2018 Home Runs: 18
Longest Home Run: 439 feet
Odds: 3/1 (+300)

6. Javier Baez, Cubs, 2B

2018 Home Runs: 19
Longest Home Run: 434 feet
Odds: 4/1 (+400)

7. Freddie Freeman, Braves, 1B

2018 Home Runs: 16
Longest Home Run: 426 feet
Odds: 11/2 (+550)

8. Rhys Hoskins, Phillies, OF

2018 Home Runs: 14
Longest Home Run: 431 feet
Odds: 11/2 (+550)

MLB Home Run Derby 2018: Date, Time, & How To Watch Online
MLB Home Run Derby 2018: Date, Time, & How To Watch Online
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