New To Fantasy Football? Here's How To Win Your League As A Rookie

Fantasy football, one of the craziest times of the year. Football fans love it and hate it, as it is the ultimate decider of bragging rights at work, at home or just among your group of friends. Fantasy football is a great combination of luck and skill, and anything can happen on any given Sunday. You have to know how to draft, how to use the waiver wire and set a lineup. No matter how much or little you know about football, you have a chance to win. But if you’re new to the system, here are some tips to help you win your league.

Know Your Scoring System

Before you draft, you need to know your scoring system. If your league gives six points for a touchdown pass thrown instead of four, consider picking a quarterback a round or two early. If it’s PPR, don’t be afraid to stack up on wide receivers early. And maybe take a back like Christian McCaffery instead of a bruiser like Mark Ingram. Don’t draft until you’ve studied all the ways you can earn points. It’ll definitely pay off down the line.

Trust Your Gut

Everyone can ride the hype train for a certain player, but if you aren’t so sure about him, don’t give in. This goes for all facets of the game. There are always going to be breakout players that you can grab off the waiver wire, just be quick about it. If you think someone has a chance to be a star, take that chance and trust yourself. Even with your lineup, trust your gut, it could pay off big time. Plus, you look that much better if you start someone that no one else knew would turn into a star.

Trust. Rookies.

Rookies are the most important part of fantasy football. Every year, a bunch of young guys take the league by storm, and more importantly for you in this case, the fantasy league. Being the person that took the risk and drafted Alvin Kamara or Evan Engram paid off huge. Who’s that going to be in 2018? There’s only one way to find out. You have to take that chance. Draft your favorite rookie that you think is going to succeed, except Saquon Barkley because we know he’ll succeed and he might go in the first round in some leagues.

Be Mindful of Bye Weeks (But Not Too Mindful)

This one should be obvious, but if you draft six players with the same bye week, that week might be a rough one for you. Or, if all the players you draft are all must haves at the top of your list, who happen to have the same bye week, draft them. You want to have the best possible team, and there are a lot of options for people that run into this problem. You can take one week as a loss starting one or two of the players on a bye if you don’t want to drop them and don’t have the roster space, or try to make a trade. If you can package two of those guys together for an upgrade at one of your weaker positions.

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