Top 5 College Myths People Have A Hard Time Believing

There are many expectations of college and how it works. Some people say stuff to scare incoming first-year students while others try to brag about their colleges. However, most of what everyone is telling you are all wrong. Your D1 colleges aren’t the best schools to attend, and you only attend college for four years. Everything you know about college is a lie. Don’t worry; we are here to help. Here are our top 5 college myths no one knows about.

Cost & Value

College is expensive, that is a given. But, some schools ask for a lot more than other schools, and they don’t have the same level of education as a cheaper school. People think that because a college is so much more expensive than the other that it makes the school better. That’s not the case; it matters about you getting a degree. Ultimately, you end your college experience with a degree, but the degree doesn’t show how much better your school is based on the cost, it’s just a plane degree.

Professors Are Smarter

With new generations of students educating themselves with the current technology, it makes professors look like a fossil. Some professors can’t keep up with the latest updates in technology. And it’s not just technology that is changing, but new facts are discovered every day that are replacing the old. College professors have learned that there may be some students who know more than they do and they have accepted it.

American Schools Are Better

It’s true, American schools aren’t the best in the world. They are ranked in the number 14th position of the world with 13 other countries having a higher education. It’s also known that most schools in other countries are cheaper than American schools.

Community Colleges Are An Embarrassment

This is not true at all; it matters about the degree given when a student has graduated. Doesn’t matter what school you go to whether it’s a D1 or community college, it’s a college degree. No one should make you feel sorry for going to community college; you are still working to get your degree. No degree is better than the other.

Your Major Must Be Your Future

Most college students in college have no idea what they want to do in the future. But, that shouldn’t be a worry, college is a time to decide what to do with your life. Sometimes college graduates don’t go into the field of their major. It will help you with a career path, but you won’t be turned away from a job if you don’t have the correct degree.

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