Top 5 Scariest Camp Fire Stories That Will Leave You Shaking In Your Sleeping Bag

Everyone loves a good campfire story. Those summer nights gathered around the fire with friends and camp councilors. The moon and stars are creating light in the sky. Even though the scared little kid inside of you didn’t want to hear them, you wanted a bit of a thrill. And every camp counselor will always take the opportunity to scare the pants off their campers. Keep in mind, you must be convincing in telling each story, or there won’t be any effect. Deep tones, short pauses, and hand gestures put the campers in a scared state. They will feel goose bumps spread around their body, look in every direction they hear the smallest sound, and curl into the tightest human ball. It helps to get other camp counselors involved to add for sound effects and background eeriness. Don’t think it will work, read these scary stories and see how scared you get. I dare you to get to the last one without getting a little scared.

Rest Haven

This ghost story involves two women on a road trip. Lacy and Felicity were at the beach enjoying their day vacation. They were caught up in their fun of the hot sand and cold salty water. They lost track of time when they saw the sun setting. In the distance, they could see dark clouds coming in their direction. They raced to the car and hoped that they would beat the storm.
No matter how fast their car could drive, the storm was much faster. They had no choice but to pull over at a rest stop. On the side of the road was a sign that Lacy noticed. “Hey look! There is a place we can stay.” She said.
Sure enough, after another mile, they found a rest stop, “Rest Haven – Rooms for Rent – Day, Week, Month.” The girls felt relieved and quickly ran inside to avoid getting too wet from the rain. An old white-haired woman answered the door. “I have been expecting you.” She said. Lacy and Felicity were confused with the old women’s words but proceeded inside where the old women fed them a warm meal and showed them to their rooms.
They woke up the next morning ready to get back on the road. The two looked for the old women to thank her for her letting them stay but she was nowhere to be found. Not wanting to wait too long they left a note and some money taped to the door.
After driving for a few miles, the girls stopped for gas. Felicity went inside to get some drinks and road snack while Lacy pumped gas. Felicity talked to the cashier and told him about their wonderful stay at the Rest Haven. The cashier was shocked at Felicity’s story and said to her that it couldn’t be true. He explained to her that the Rest Haven burnt down years ago killing the owner.
Not believing the cashier, Lacy and Felicity drove back to the Rest Haven but found nothing there. All that was there was their note and money lying in the dirt.

Lost At Camp

(Tip: use another counselor for help with the very end of the story.)
In a camp, very similar to this one were enjoying their summer day. One night a young boy went missing. It was during a campfire gathering the little boy, let’s call him Timmy, wandered off. He heard a sound that could have been a small animal. Timmy was curious and wanted to see if he could catch it. He walked into the darkness and never returned.
When it the announcement was made that Timmy had gone missing, all the campers and camp councilors went looking for him. Not finding anything they all called it a night, except for one councilor. The councilor stayed up all night calling for Timmy. (Yell) “Timmy, Timmy!”
The next morning, when everyone woke up, Timmy was found in his cabin safe and sound. But, the councilor who was looking all night for Timmy was nowhere to be seen. Some campers say they can still hear the counselor calling out for Timmy. If you listen carefully, you might hear her. (whisper) Listen.
(Have another councilor scream “Timmy” and jump out from the darkness.)

The Warning

A young woman was driving home from a nice vacation. Late in the night, there was a storm approaching as she drove.  She realized that she was almost out of gas and decided to stop before she would hit the storm. She stopped at a gas station. Before she could get out and pump her gas, a tall man ran from the rain and to her car to pump her gas. The women looked at the man and saw multiple scars on his face. She rolled down the window and handed him her credit card. He, quickly, grabbed it and ran inside.
The man came back to her car and explained to her that her card was declined. Before she could say anything, the man ran back inside. She followed him. When she got inside, the man grabbed her by the arm and tried to talk to her. His voice was scratching and challenging to understand. The man becomes shaky and overwhelmed. The women got scared and tried to pull her arm free. She finally pulled away and rushed back into her car. As fast as she could, she started her car and drove away from the gas station. She looked back in her rearview mirror and saw the man waving at her wanting her to come back.
Flustered at what happened, she turned on the radio to relax her. She hears something come from the back seat. She looks at the rear-view mirror and sees a figure sitting in the back seat with an ax. That is the last thing she sees before the axed man attacks her. The man back at the gas station was trying to warn her.

Women Buried Alive

A scary love story about an older couple. The wife has suffered a terrible stroke and went into a coma. Her husband stays by her bedside every day and night. After many days of hoping and praying for his wife to wake up, the doctor breaks the news that she is not coming back. The husband begs the doctor to give her more time, but the doctor refuses.
They have a funeral and bury the wife. Every night after his wife’s burial, the husband has a nightmare of his wife scratching at her casket, begging to be let out. He goes to the doctor and demands that they dig out his wife. The doctor refuses. More nights pass, and the husband has the same dream. The husband begged and pleaded to the doctor until he finally gave in.
The doctor and the husband went to the wife’s grave and dug up her casket. They opened It up and found what the husband had dreamt. There were scratch marks everywhere inside the casket and the wife’s nails where bent back and covered in blood. The husband was too late, and the wife was officially dead.

The Licked Hand

A young girl had been begging her parents to let her stay home alone while they would be out late. She was tired of having a babysitter and insisted on taking care of herself. The parents allowed her to do so with the protection of their dog. She told her parents that she would make her regular bedtime and let her parents know she was heading to bed.
The girl rested in her bed when she heard a dripping noise. She looked outside to see if it was raining, but it was a clear night. She went back to her bed but still heard the dripping sound. She reached down under her bed where she felt her dog lick her. It comforted her knowing her dog was there for protection. The dripping noise continued, and the girl’s worry grew with each passing minute. She eventually got tired of it and went in search of the sound.
(During this part of the story, the storyteller can add where he or she wants the girl to look. Such as the attic, bathroom, kitchen, basement, etc.) She eventually gives up, but before she goes to bed, she hears the dripping sound come from her closet. She opens her closet door. Inside her closet is her dog, a rope wrapped around its neck, dripping blood, with a note that reads, “Humans can lick too.”

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