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The captain of the Philadelphia Flyers Claude Giroux tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend, Ryanne Breton. The two had been engaged since 2016. The wedding comes just a week after teammate Wayne Simmonds said his “I Do’s” with his girlfriend Crystal Corey.

Giroux had a resurgent season after popping the question to Breton and was snubbed in the Hart Trophy voting this past season, but fortunately for him, he was not snubbed at the altar by the adorable Breton. For the sake of all Flyers fans out there we’re glad Giroux was able to pull this one off; unlike showing up in the playoffs. But, let’s not rain on the happily married couples parade; I mean look at these two.

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A face to call home💛

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Adorable just keeps coming to my mind with each picture I see of Ryanne Breton. Giroux has scored many goals in his career but none bigger than scoring this chick.

Breton according to her Twitter profile is a professional organizer, not really sure what that means, but when you date the captain of the Flyers, you essentially can be whatever you want. She also lists frequent packer, pup momma, and NHL Flyers supporter.

Breton is a native of Ottawa, the capital of Canada, which is also the home country of Giroux, but she now resides in the city of ‘Brotherly Love’, home to the Liberty Bell, the 2018 Super Bowl Champs (never forget), and her boo Claude.

Not only has Breton brought love to Giroux’s life but she and her bachelorette party introduced us to a game I have never seen before, and maybe it’s because as a guy I don’t frequent these types of bashes, but if this is a common game it is news to me.

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This needed to be shared… I have the best friends😂

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Don’t worry girls finding the hole is a common problem for many men out there.

Also, as a good sign of team comradery, many of Giroux’s fellow teammates showed up to take part in the wedding festivities.

Claude Giroux’s wedding crew!

Gudas, Jake, Coots, Mandog, Reader, Schenn, Serial Killer, Ghost#Flyers pic.twitter.com/4Kq4zVV12d

— Dan Silver (@dsilver88) July 8, 2018

Congrats Claude and Ryanne and let’s go Flyers!

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