WATCH: Michelle Beadle Goes Off On 'Obnoxious Diva' Kawhi Leonard

Michelle Beadle has had enough of the Kawhi Leonard drama. During a segment on ESPN’s “Get Up” Friday morning, Beadle unleashed a passionate rant about the San Antonio Spurs star going as far as to call him an “obnoxious diva.” Beadle, who is an avid Spurs fan, is tired of the nonstop speculation regarding Leonard’s future in San Antonio and the swirling trade rumors.
“What part of Kawhi Leonard’s behavior in the last year, and every story that’s come out in the last few weeks, says anything about this dude having any of the qualities that a leader is supposed to have?” Beadle said.
“You don’t talk, you don’t defend yourself. You’re coming off as an obnoxious diva. You don’t want to go play with LeBron because you want to be the top dog. You are the top dog for a team and an organization that’s done really well for many, many years.”
Geez, Michelle, tell us how you really feel.
The rant comes after the latest Kawhi Leonard report that claims people from Leonard’s camp attempted to hide him from San Antonio Spurs brass during a recent appearance in New York City.

What a world.
You can check out the full rant from Beadle below.

Whether Leonard suits up for the Spurs in 2018 remains to be seen, but it’s clear that his antics are turning off fans and they are ready for it all to be over even if it means losing your star player to a conference rival. For the sake of Spurs fans everywhere — and Beadle’s sanity — we hope that the drama ends soon.

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