Are The 2018 Golden State Warriors Officially The Best Team Ever?

Five All-Stars in the starting lineup. Durant, Curry, Thompson, Green and now Cousins. The Warriors already had a lineup that could challenge some of the best of all time, but does adding Demarcus Cousins make this starting lineup the best in NBA history? Let’s put these lineups to the test against four of the best lineups in NBA history. You can be the judge of who would win in a hypothetical seven-game series, or maybe try simulating it in 2k!

1985-86 Celtics

This Celtics team is arguably the greatest of all time. From Larry Bird to Kevin McHale and Bill Walton, this team had its stars. They also got great contributions from Danny Ainge, Dennis Johnson, and Robert Parish, who were All-Stars too. That gives the Celtics a total of six All-Stars, which matches the Warriors total. The Celtics won two titles in three years, and had one of the most dominant stretches in NBA history, going 40-1 at home. Their incredible scoring ability and great defense would be a great challenge for the Warriors.

1986-87 Lakers

Showtime. Kareem, Magic, James Worthy, you know their names. They flew up and down the court all year long, blowing teams out. They ran all the way to the Finals, where they beat the Celtics. A.C Green was the team’s fourth All-Star, and the Showtime Lakers will always be among the league’s best teams.
Could they beat the Warriors? We’ll never know, but they definitely would have a good shot. The Showtime Lakers were a long, athletic team who could defend the 2018 Warriors. With the speed they had running the floor, they would definitely be able to penetrate the tough Warriors defense too.

1995-96 Bulls

Widely considered to be the greatest team of all time, spearheaded by the one and only Michael Jordan. With help from Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and a deep bench led by Steve Kerr, the Bulls set a then NBA record going 72-10 on their way to the championship. The Bulls went 15-3 in the playoffs, and were a top-five team in a ton of different statistical categories from total rebounds, to field goals made, and points scored.
The defense was incredibly stingy, as they finished third in the league, allowing only 92.9 points per game. Jordan and Pippen could score on anybody, and Rodman was a force down low. This would be a heavyweight fight, but this might be the series the Warriors would have the best shot at winning handily. Teams shot only 35% from three-point range against this Bulls team, but Durant, Curry, and Thompson would give the Bulls defense a run for their money.

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