Tana Mongeau Net Worth 2024: How Much Is Tana Worth?

Tana Mongeau the blonde haired, vulgar, hilarious bombshell vlogger has recently reached her peak Youtube fame this year. At just the barely legal age of twenty, she has really made a name for herself in the content creator industry. Tana has both a vlog and “story time” channel that she posts on as much as her schedule allows. Recently she signed to Bella Thorne’s record label to continue her budding music career. Now let’s see how it all started for Tana in the Sin City that is Las Vegas Nevada. Just how much cash has this Gucci princess managed to make along the way?

Tana Mongeau 2019 Net Worth: $1 Million



Tana Mongeau was born on June 24th, 1998 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Growing up in an extremely low-income family household Mongeau truly learned the value of a dollar. She began rebelling from parents around the age of fourteen, the same age she began to use marijuana and alcohol. Tana credits her discovery of Youtube at age of eleven for keeping her sane through her preteen years and essentially as she’s put it in her videos “saving her life”. Mongeau began watching some of the world famous Youtubers of today such as Shane Dawson and the Gabbie Show starring Gabbie Hanna and knew she wanted to be part of this world.
Mongeau knew she was destined for stardom from the moment she was born, her likable personality, quick wit and sense of humor made it easy for her to talk to anyone. Which was a big help when it came to the creation of her own Youtube channel. But before Tana became the “Story Time” queen we all know and love, her first social platform appearance was through Twitter. Mongeau launched her very first tweet in 2012 and it was history in the making from there.
It wasn’t long after Tana’s Twitter account became a popular success that she finally joined the Youtube world. In April of 2015 Tana launched her Youtube account and very first video ever. At first, the young girl wanted to make her channel about fashion and style advice. But she quickly realized she had much more to offer than that. Mongeau’s personality and unapologetic nature allowed her to earn over 2.3 Million subscribers in just a little over a year!



Tana began this journey as just a young girl trying to find herself, she managed to take her viewers along on that journey as they cheered for her every step of the way. Tana Mongeau now has over 2.5 Million subscribers on Youtube, 2.5 Millon on Instagram and 1.7 Million on Twitter. She’s become quite the social influencer! Tana has even managed to bring her friends along on the journey helping all of them start their budding vlogger careers as well!
Mongeau has even stepped out of the Youtube box by releasing music and joining Bella Thorne’s Filthy Fangz record label as well. She’s put out singles like “Hefner” which Bella Thorne starred in and “W’s” her most recent single. Tana’s ability to make fun of herself and never take life too seriously is what got her this far in the entertainment industry.
Tana loves her life, family, friends and of course her fans! She credits them daily for everything they have given her! Mongeau continues to do everything in her power to give back to them! The recently shut down TanaCon was one of those activities. Mongeau fought to make the tickets for the content creator convention so cheap they oversold.
The fans who didn’t get tickets decided to wait outside the convention to catch of glimpse of the blonde beauty. When this became a potential safety risk due to the 20,000 fans outside, the convention was shut down. Tana was heartbroken about the poor planning on her part and vows to make it up to the fans. Knowing Tana that’s exactly what she’ll do! I can’t wait to see what she puts together next.

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Tana Mongeau is contradictory, to say the least; with her open relationship with and ‘proposal’ with Bella Thorne and her current boyfriend Brad Sousa.

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