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Ruth Wilson is a thespian through and through. Born in Surrey, England in 1982, Wilson began her career as a model while she was attending Notre Dame School. She discovered drama while attending the University of Nottingham and became involved in a number of student productions. After graduating in 2003, she chose to pursue acting and attended the famed London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. She got her big break in 2006 as the titular character in the Jane Eyre mini-series, but had previously debuted in a sit-com Suburban Shootout alongside Tom Hiddleston.
Wilson was a staple of British television for many years, including starring in the mini-series The Prisoner, an extended arc on Luthor and a recurring role on The Affair for which she won a golden globe. Outside of television, she can be recognized from her film roles in Anna KareninaThe Lone Ranger and Saving Mr. Banks. All of these projects have done well to demonstrate her acting range and comfortable screen presence. She’s also spent her time on the boards. Her stage exploits include a revival of A Streetcar Named Desire, a Jude Law-starring production of Anna Christie and a revised version of Hedda Gabler. She received overwhelming critical praise for all of them.
She has a slew of exciting projects recently and on the near horizon, including a spin-off show based on her Luthor character and, most interestingly, a mini-series adaptation of Philip Pullman’s famed His Dark Materials trilogy.

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