BET Awards 2018 Live Stream: How To Watch The Awards Live

On June 24th, the Microsoft Theater in L.A. will host the 18th annual BET awards, a ceremony promoting and rewarding black excellence and achievements in the entertainment and athletic industries. With Jaime Foxx serving as master of ceremonies, the awards this year will feature performances from the likes of Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and Janelle Monae and will include Kevin Hart, Tyler Perry and LL Cool J as presenters.
Up for grabs are awards for the year’s best album, movie and performances by black artists among other categories. Special prizes like the BET Her Award and the Dr. Bobby Jones Award will be given out to deserving artists who embody specific aspects of black feminism and gospel music respectively. A spotlight will also be shown on black athletes with the annual Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year awards. Nominees in these various categories include everyone from Serena Williams to Bruno Mars to DJ Khaled to the movie Black Panther.

Since its beginnings, BET has been upheld as a beacon for disenfranchised minorities struggling to overcome prejudice in their respective fields and their awards show is now must-see programming. Unfortunately, not everyone has the means to watch it on the BET channel itself. Luckily, we’ve got your back.

BET Awards 2018 Viewing Details

Date: June 24, 2018
Times: 8:00 PM
TV Channel: BET
Location: Los Angeles, California
Live Stream:, facebook live stream, DIRECTV NOW, Sling

How To Watch The BET Awards 2018 Online

The best way to watch the BET Awards 2018 online would probably be through BET’s own live stream of the event which can be found on their website. Unfortunately, this requires a connecting TV provider so this might not be a viable option for you. Not to fear though, there are alternatives.
A few facebook pages has been set up which promise a facebook live screening of the BET Awards in real time on the 24th. There aren’t ant streams set up yet, but one may very well pop up closer to the event itself. It stands to reason that preparations will be completed by June 21st, in correspondence with the start of the BET Experience fest that begins on the solstice and ends with the Awards themselves. You can find these facebook pages here and here.
DIRECTV NOW has a built in BET live stream which will include the BET Awards 2018. The service includes over 60 channels and movies but requires a $35 per month membership fee. However, if you’re just starting with it, you can get the first week for free. So long as you cancel before a week is up, you can stream the show without dropping a dime. If you decide to stick with DIRECTV NOW,  premium channels like HBO or STARZ might cost you a few bucks extra.
Sling is another online streaming service that has a connection to BET. Accessible through Roku, Apple TV, Xbox and Chromecast, Sling also has a ‘free first week’ policy which will allow you to watch the BET Awards 2018 with no down payments. If you don’t cancel in time though, you’ll start being charged $25 a month. However, Sling might provide you with a free Roku, so that’s something.

How To Watch The BET Awards 2018 On Mobile

On the go and can’t watch the show? No problem! there are several different ways to watch the BET Awards 2018 on your phone or mobile device. Sling, DIRECTV NOW and facebook all have mobile apps through which you can access the live streams.
BET has an app called BET Now available in the App Store, Roku and Chromecast. Not only is it free, but it doesn’t require a membership or TV provider to live stream the Awards, making it the perfect way to watch for mobile viewers.

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