FEELS ALERT: Chadwick Boseman Gave His MTV Movie Award To Waffle House Hero James Shaw

Despite the fact the Black Panther came out almost half a year ago, Chadwick Boseman is still racking up the praise for Black Panther and his portrayal of the titular character. And while we’ve all seen the memes of Boseman looking sick of doing the “Wakanda Forever” pose, that doesn’t mean he’s any less grateful.
At last night’s MTV Movie Awards, Boseman won the award for Best Hero. Now, while the MTV Movie Awards may not be the Academy Awards, Boseman used the platform to honor someone who deserved true praise nonetheless.
Instead of taking his allotted speech time to give a pre-packaged, half-hearted thank you, Boseman brought Waffle House hero James Shaw Jr. to the stage to receive some much-deserved applause.

“Receiving an award for playing a superhero is amazing but it’s even greater to acknowledge the heroes we have in real life…He fought off a gunman in Antioch, Tennessee, at a Waffle House. He saved lives … a real-life hero,” Boseman said.

James Shaw Jr. is known for disarming gunman Travis Reinking, who was armed with an AR-15 style rifle during the Nashville Waffle House shooting in Antioch, Tennessee, saving many lives as a result.
When asked about his actions, Shaw Jr. simply said: “I was completely doing it just to save myself … I did save other people … I figured if I was going to die, he was going to have to work for it.”

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MTV Movie & TV Awards 2018: Full Winners List
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