Uruguay Striker Luis Suarez Has Been With The Same Woman Since He Was 15

Sofia Balbi is the wife of Barcelona and Uruguayan International striker Luis Suarez. The couple got married in 2009. Balbi was born on November 10, 1989, in Montevideo, Uruguay.
According to The Mirror, Suarez was working as a street sweeper when he met Balbi. He was just 15-years-old at the time.
Suarez credits his wife for helping him mature on the pitch, saying that “having a wife that closely watches the game is good.”

“She knows me better than anyone else and I want her observations to help me play better and be a happier person,” Suarez has been quoted as saying.

During his career, Suarez has been one of the deadliest forwards in the world, starring for both club and country at Liverpool, Barcelona, and Uruguay.
Luis Suarez and Sofia Balbi have two children together: Delfina and Benjamin Suarez. One of the most charming things about the couple is how Luis describes Sofia, saying that she “sorted his head out” when they were 15-years-old. From the lower-class streets of Uruguay to becoming one of the best and richest footballers in the world, Luis and Sofia have been together through it all.
At this time of this writing, Sofia has a little over 13,000 followers on Instagram.











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