Sara Sálamo: Hottest Photos of Isco's Girlfriend

Sara Sálamo is a gorgeous Spanish actress who is dating Real Madrid and Spain International midfielder Isco Alarcon. Sálamo was born on January 20, 1992, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on Spain’s Canary Islands.
Isco Alarcon, better known as just “Isco”, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Real Madrid and the Spanish national team. With Real Madrid, Isco has won three straight Champions League titles and four of the last five.
At 26-years-old, Isco is considered to be one of the best-attacking midfielders in world football.
As for Sálamo, she is an actress, known for appearances in Wild Oats in 2016, Foam Party! in 2017,  Everybody Knows in 2018 along Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz.
Sálamo has a couple of projects coming out in 2018, including the aforementioned Everybody Knows with Javier Bardem, Dark Buildings, Perdida, and The Glorious Seven.

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