Star Wars Will Never Touch The Marvel Cinematic Universe

With the recent downfall of Solo: A Star Wars Story we wonder what is next for Star Wars? Every Star Wars fan says the original Star Wars trilogy is the best and will always be the best. The prequels will have to be the worst, but they created a good backstory. Then we have the sequels beat its prequel brothers and sisters by making Star Wars the second highest grossing film series. However, that is for the first two sequel films. As for Rogue One, the movie based on how Princess Leia got the plans for the Death Star, and the Solo movie which is just a look at Han Solo’s history. Both unnecessary films, as they didn’t add any anticipation for what could happen because we all know what happens. It’s like when you are cheating on a math test; you know what the answer is you need to show your teacher you know how to get to the solution.

The MCU & Its Success

Let’s take a step back because this isn’t an article to bash on Star Wars. We are talking about what is next for them. They have created this high pedestal of popularity and fan base. Now, what about Marvel?
Marvel, from 2008 with the first Iron Man film to the recent  Avengers: Infinity War, has created this world of infinite ideas and creations. Through the Marvel cinematic universe (MCU) superheroes can have their independent movies while coming together as teams to fight evil. And there is so much to grow from this because of Marvel’s history in comic books. As the MCU is progressing with its movies, so is comics in publishing.  With so many other characters to create, and present characters’ stories moving in full swing with new villains and allies, there is no end to Marvel.

Disney Competing With Themselves

With Disney owning the rights to Star Wars and Marvel there isn’t any competition because either way they are still getting money. They could come up with any story they want and make money off of it. This is where it connects to Star Wars. With different creators and producers for Star Wars and Marvel, it’s all about how much to put out in the world. Marvel has stages, and they release multiple movies per year to create a big story in itself. Star Wars was just one movie every other year. Seeing the money come in with Marvel why not do the same with Star Wars by doing backstories. This way, fans of Star Wars will look at the films and critiques may bash on it, but they will still make money.

What Really Matters

Now, I’m sure you are getting to the point of this article where you are like, “I understand this all, but why are you telling me this?” Here is my thought process on these two franchises. Each is going to keep creating movies no matter what, but Star Wars will never be able to compete with Marvel. Disney can create TV shows, animated shows, expanding universes, and continue the episode story but it can never be like Marvel who has a rich history of stories that fans have been reading for decades.

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