What To Expect From The Season 2 Finale Of 'Legion'

This season of Legion has been one action-packed gut punch after the other. The race to find the body of the Shadow King concluded last week in the penultimate episode when Amahl Farouk rejoined with his body (after possessing and leaving behind the bodies of both Melanie and Oliver in his wake). With two timelines about to converge, the apocalyptic world we’ve glimpsed in future takes could come to pass in tonight’s final showdown.
In the future timeline, we got the first glimpse of David sitting on a throne surrounded by skeletons, with Lenny — her mouth stained with blood — writing on the floor at his feet. This is Legion, the world-ender. Conversely, Future-Syd has no throne, she doesn’t even have both her arms anymore. Her future self’s insistence on David helping Farouk find his body all season would ultimately result in David’s demise. As Farouk puts it once he learns this from Future-Syd, “the villain is a hero and the hero is the villain.”
If David does defeat Farouk, his relationship with Syd is unlikely to survive. The two are both on separate paths now, in the present and the future. After the clips of David in full rage mode were shown to her by Melanie/Farouk last week, the person she sees is no longer the man she recognizes and loves. There’s no way David gets out of this season without some part of him being destroyed — my money’s on his heart.
So what can we expect tonight in the season finale now that Farouk has his body back and David is mentally unhinged? A part of David believes he is a god, above everyone, acting without thought or consequence. Can the future we saw be changed somehow, or does David embrace the extent of his mutant ability and truly become Legion. Will Syd betray him due to delusions of a future she has yet to live? One thing is for sure based on the official synopsis: David fights the future.
Check out the promo for tonights season finale below!

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