National Die-In Day: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures

In order to honor the two-year anniversary of the 2016 shootings at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, a group of student activists has organized a National Die-In. In addition, students and activists have been sharing images of the event on social media, of which we collected below.

What happened?
According to Mashable, high school students from across the country gathered around the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. While there, they fell to the ground for 12 minutes, around 720 seconds, in order to protest gun violence; the number 720 approximately represents the number of people who have died in mass shootings the Pulse Nightclub tragedy, which itself claimed the lives of 49 people.
Since around 12:00 P.M. local time in Washington, images of the protest have also appeared on social media, most often showcasing protesters lying on the ground, representing the dead. In addition, many images showcased posters listing the June 12 date and the goals of the protest.
June 12 was chosen as the date of the event as it had been the date of the Pulse shooting in 2016.
While the die-in took place at noon, the rally organizing the event took place at 10:30 A.M. local time.

Similar protests were expected to have taken place throughout the country

NEVADA! JOIN @NationalDieIn LAS VEGAS CITY HALL June 12 10a-11:30a#NationalDieInDay#GunReformNOW

Posted by Campaign to Close the Gun Show Loophole on Sunday, June 10, 2018

In addition, other similar protests are expected to take place throughout the United States. On Facebook, signs could be seen advertising similar protests taking place in Nashville and Tampa. In some areas, the site of protests focused on areas close to the offices of local politicians. A list of official sister events can be read on the following website.
The event was arguably in itself a national event; according to a GoFundMe page connected to the event, the National Die-In was organized by Amanda Fugleberg and Frank Kravchuk of Orlando, and Nurah Abdulhaqq of Douglasville, Georgia.

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