RECAP: 'Fear The Walking Dead' Mid-Season Finale: Must-See Review S4E8

The mid-season finale of Fear The Walking Dead airs at 9:00 P.M. on Sunday, June 10, 2018. In this episode, Madison fights to preserve the life she worked so hard to build; Morgan tries to do the right thing.

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Fear The Walking Dead  Season 4, Episode 8 Viewing Details

Date: Sunday, June 10, 2018
Time: 9:00 P.M. EST
Episode Title: “No One’s Gone”
TV Channel: AMC

Who Are You Looking For

In a shocking opening, Madison comes across everyone’s favorite filmmaker, Althea. Madison, desperately wanting to find her kids, ties up Althea and demands her truck. Not the first time Althea’s had to deal with this. Madison isn’t too keen on the whole story for a lift thing, so she just knocks her out, grabs the camera with some tapes and keeps moving. Mom on a mission!
Being that Madison isn’t in the best state of mind, she can’t navigate the road infested by walkers and Althea comes to her rescue. GIVE THIS WOMAN A STORY!!! Finally, Althea has the upper hand and Madison is the one who has to spill her tale to win her freedom. Madison tells her she made a promise to her children to keep them safe… she failed them. Did she?

Someone’s Gonna Want To Know What Happened Here

Al, Morgan, Charlie, Naomi, and a bleeding John arrive at the fallen stadium to recover supplies that will hopefully save his life. The whole place is a disaster, charred walkers, torn down walls. This doesn’t stop them from trying. Unloading the full arsenal of weapons on the dead, Morgan and Naomi make a run for it. An explosion happens and Althea sees Alicia, Strand, and Luciana in the bleachers ready for a war.
While Naomi and Morgan secure the medical supplies, John basically makes a dying declaration to the camera telling Naomi how much he loves her and to trust people even if he’s no longer there. While they try to keep John alive, Alicia shoots the truck with an RPG. Alicia is out for blood. I miss Nick.

You Knew Her

While Alicia and Althea are trying to kill each other in the truck, Charlie radios to Morgan and Naomi saying they need to get back because they won’t last much longer. Althea throws Alicia against the wall where she falls into the box of tapes. This throws her off her game. Alicia sees a name she knows: a place her mother once took her. She found her mother’s tape.
Alicia is beyond shook watching her mother on the screen. She walks out and towards the remnants of the stadium where Morgan and Naomi are about to emerge. Alicia pulls her gun and tells Morgan to move. She wants Naomi. In Alicia’s mind, “my mom’s dead because of what you did.” Morgan steps right up to the gun and tells this broken girl how he ran to prove everyone wrong, that he didn’t need people, but he did, that things changed for him and they can for her. The gun comes down and Morgan holds her while Naomi runs past to save John.

Madison Had Another Idea

Madison and Althea part ways without hostility. Both women keep driving in hopes of finding something they’ve lost. Eventually (and shockingly) Madison finds Alicia, Nick, Strand, and Luciana and together they drive to the place that became the beginning and the end for her group: the stadium. She met Althea right after Mexico and the stadium camp was built just after. The past and present have finally come together.
Now knowing that Althea isn’t the enemy, but someone Madison grew to trust, Alicia has Strand and Luciana rejoin them in the truck as they all drive away from the dust of their former home. Althea asks what happened to Madison and they decide to pull over. This can’t be good.
John got the medicine in time and Naomi confesses her real name is June. They smile and hold each other in the back of the truck. Meanwhile, Alicia, Strand, and Luciana tell Althea how the Vultures came in with swarms of walkers and fire. All the people they brought in were trapped inside the stadium. Everything they built was being consumed.
Naomi/June just ran, while the four of them were stuck in the car outside the stadium unable to reach Madison. Without knowing how to reach her family, Madison stepped out with a flare, knowing the walls were strong, in an effort to let other people get away while the dead came deeper inside. They watched their mother put up a final stand against the dead, knowing her children were safe outside, she dropped the flare and let the dead consume her.
Madison Clark gave her life for her family. The story was told… now, where does it go from here?

With the two timelines converging and a final act of sacrifice by Madison, the new group sits beside the fire in the darkness. A wave of hope comes over them, knowing the cost of how they got there and contemplating what to do now with the life they have.
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