Top 10 Real Gym Stereotypes You Will Find At The Gym

The gym is meant for working out, however, some people have a few unique ways of working out. If you are a gym regular, you would have run into, at least, one of these interesting individuals. These individuals can make your gym life suck or quite hilarious. And you never know, you could be one of these 10 crazy gym goers.

The “I Have No Idea What I’m Doing”

These individuals are, usually, found at the beginning of the year. They are also known as the “new years’ resolution” people. The clueless can be found in the gym during January and February.  It’s the people who have gone to the gym once or twice in their lives and have no idea how each machine is used. After about fifteen minutes of walking on the treadmill or wandering around aimlessly, they will eventually give up and go home.
To spot these individuals, the first sign to look for is the type of clothing and shoes. If you see someone performing poorly with spiffy new shoes, stay far away. Their laziness can be contagious.

The Howler

The howler or screamer isn’t hard to find in the gym. Take a moment when you enter the gym and take out your headphones. It’s the person you hear before you see. If you hear a large howl, grunting, or loud breathing that’s your guy. Now, these aren’t people who don’t mean to draw attention to themselves. If they had it their way, they would have everyone in the gym watching as they perform each exercise. However, what they think is impressive form is, actually, complete trash. They try to lift an insane amount of weight while screaming and assume they are the best ones there. But, in reality, all they are doing is attracting every dog in the neighborhood.


Creepy Neighbor

You are casually lifting weights, and you sense something strange. Like someone is looking at you. That sense is a warning for the creepy neighbor. This is more a stereotype that women should look out for, especially those in leggings. For all the women who ware the tight yoga pants and are doing squats, look behind you before bending down. Chances are they aren’t admiring the pretty pattern. The creepy man is getting a good look at the buns in the trunk. It’s like watching a young boy discover Pornhub.

Equipment Hog

This is a person that doesn’t know that sharing is caring. It’s understandable to perform a superset and go from different equipment but claiming them as yours is like acting like a toddler. We all need to play nice in the gym, so don’t be that person who has three sets of dumbbells, two benches, four medicine balls, three yoga mats, and 50 different bands in a small area. If you do have a problem, I would suggest calling the hoarding hotline. They can help you with all your gym equipment hog needs.


Workout Couple

It’s wonderful to have a partner who you love, but don’t express your love to everyone in the gym. Sloppy bench press kisses and weird congratulator butt slaps. Stop trying to tell everyone you are dating we, honestly, don’t care. Do us all a favor and just get a room, you can get a good workout there anyway.

The Tinder Account

Every tinder account has that one picture of a girl showing off every part of their body. For men, it’s showing off their muscles. The tinder account is someone who wears revealing clothing, flexes in front of the mirror, and takes more selfies than performs sets. This is centered around women who try to show off how sexy they can be in the gym to attract every drooling muscle monster. These women don’t understand that coming to the gym will a full face of makeup can turn into a complete disaster. It’s like watching a popsicle melt in the summer, warm and disgusting.

Chatter Box

The person who talks more at the gym rather than exercising. Between each set, there is a 5-minute discussion with the person next to them. They don’t care if you are working out, they will keep talking to you until you actually tell them to leave. Personal space is not in their vocabulary, nor is silence.


The Sweat Dog

It’s acceptable to sweat in the gym, you are there to exercise and work up a sweat. There is no judgment for how much you sweat, but there is judgment for the people who leave there sweat all around the equipment. There is a reason there are wipes, towels, and spray. In this situation, sharing is not caring when there is sweat involved. Be responsible and clean off your sweat we aren’t trying to water the gym equipment with our sweat.

Mr. Bartender

These people can be found with a shaker cup that contains a bright, colorful mixture that makes the workout harder. They carry it around like it’s their child. Careful around them, if you accidentally kick their drink and it spills, be prepared to face their pre-workout and protein drink induced rage. They, honestly, shouldn’t get too angry since they probably have a gallon of that weird white powdered back at home.

The Vocalist

Separating this person from the howler, instead of attracting dogs the vocalist is trying out for America’s got no talent. These people are singing along to their music to let everyone know what they are listening to. They also may do a little dance during there favorite part. 99% of the people singing are awful, Simon Cowell would be ashamed.

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