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Kiana Lede, who was born Kiana Brown, is a singer and actress who first rose to fame as Zoe Vaugh on season 2 of MTV’s horror series Scream. The 21-year-old rising star is now looking to take her music career to the next level and recently dropped a new video for her standout single “Fairplay.” The new take on the single is an acoustic, stripped down version that allows Lede’s talents to really shine.
“I wrote this song when I went through a messy breakup,” she said in an interview with Stupid Dope. “I got cheated on, and I was in that angry phase that you go through when you have a breakup… It was a blessing in disguise because that relationship was affecting my growth. I needed that relationship to end so I could grow. A lot of good things were happening to me after that, so I thought, ‘Man, that’s karma.’ I feel like I put my whole heart into that relationship and good things still [came from it], even though he gave up. So what goes around, comes around.”
You can listen to the acoustic version of “Fairplay” below:

“I think that, most of the time, in movies and even in real life, the woman [who hooks up] gets the blame,” she said about the original version of the video. “It’s almost like the women are pitted against each other. That’s portrayed in a lot of stories. I didn’t want that in this. In my story, I felt like the woman he cheated with was the victim, too, almost. All the blame was not put on her, it was put on the guy. I don’t want women to feel like there’s any competition, because there is not. It had to do with my relationship with my man, and nothing to do with the other woman.”
Lede is currently working on the release of her debut EP with Republic Records.

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