Pilar Rubio: Hottest Photos of Sergio Ramos’ Wife


I have to admit I’m not a big soccer guy at all, but I will give credit, where credit is due; soccer players pull in the HOTTEST chicks. It’s honestly not even close. I mean some of these players are not even well known and are just snatching up smokeshow after smokeshow. Don’t get me wrong I will always rip on soccer and will never call it by that “other name” the rest of the world uses because the only “football” that exists is American football. Call it American ignorance or what have you but until the U.S. falls that’s the way it is.

Anyway, now that I have expressed my disdain for the sport let’s get back to what soccer is best for, introducing us to hot women. And, soccer player Sergio Ramos’ girlfriend, Pilar Rubio, is one of the hottest ones out there.

¡Buenos días! Work out & relax. 🌱

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Fucking soccer players, man, they just absolutely crush it in the women department. Rubio and Ramos have been dating since 2012 and recently had their third child together, but if you take one look a Pilar, you won’t notice another human just developed and squeezed its way out of that body. It’s uncanny how some of these women pull it off.

Rubio is a popular Spanish reporter and TV presenter and won the Best Television Presenter award with Premio Joven in 2007. She also comes in with a cool 2.2+ million followers on Instagram. Count me as one of them, as I just pounded that follow button. Honestly what sucked me in, is her eyes. It may sound corny, but one glance at them and you’ll be stuck in her trance.

Y hoy llueve…☔️

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Vuelta al trabajo 😃 // Back to work, shooting 📸

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Damnnnn. I don’t know if they are real or if they are contacts, or whatever, either way, I am under her spell for life. Also, she is bringing fanny packs back, and if a girl can look this hot in a fanny pack, I’m soooo in.

Burgundy + pink 📸

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Summer of 2018 isn’t #ComebackSZN because of Johnny Manziel, it’s the return of #FannyPackSZN.

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