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Brittany Lucio is a gorgeous actress and Instagram model with almost 100,000 followers on Instagram. Lucio, a former Miss USA contestant from California back in 2015, also used to date NBA Champion Golden State Warrior Klay Thompson.
In 2018, Lucio made headlines after she was arrested at a Houston’s in Atlanta. According to the police reports, an off-duty officer that was working as security for Houston’s attempted to escort the three women — Lucio & her two friends, Erica Walker and Asia’h Epperson — out of the restroom because they came in to use the facilities after the restaurant had closed at 10 p.m. local time.
While authorities say that the three women repeatedly ignored requests by management to leave and assaulted the off-duty officer before being detained, a video posted on Instagram shows the women on the ground with one threatening to call the “real police.” Furthermore, Lucio claims that race played a role in their arrest and the way they were treated.
via TMZ:

One of the 3 actresses busted at Houston’s firmly believes her skin color played a role in the aggressive way the security guard took her down, and she says the restaurant’s track record proves it.
Brittany Marie Lucio tells us Houston’s and cops are lying about what went down before she and her friends got dragged out of the Atlanta restaurant and put in handcuffs. She takes serious issue with what she believes was excessive force used to remove them.
One of the friends, Asia’h Epperson, told us she was shocked cops arrested them instead of the security guard. Ditto for Brittany, who said she’s fully aware of the issues that prompted T.I. to boycott a different Atlanta-area Houston’s last year.

Lucio was charged with criminal trespassing and felony obstruction and was booked into the Fulton County Jail.

An Instagram Model & Her Friends Were Arrested For "Taking Too Long" In The Bathroom
An Instagram Model & Her Friends Were Arrested For "Taking Too Long" In The Bathroom
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