Malaika: Hottest Photos of Drake's Girlfriend

Drake‘s got another light-skinned beauty on his arm as he’s rumored to be dating Malaika Terry, a gorgeous Instagram model who has over 200,000 followers on Instagram.
Aubrey “Drake” Graham has been linked with some of the most beautiful women in the world during his career, reportedly dating Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez at one time or another. That’s not all that surprising, though, as Drake is one of the most famous and successful entertainers in the world.
Not much else is known about Malaika other than she’s 22, of Jamaican decent, and clearly Drake’s type.
via Hot New Hip Hop:

While it was rumored that the Canadian was dating English singer Raye last month, it appears as though he has moved on to somebody closer to home.
Recently, he was spotted out and about with a potential new bae in model Malaika Terr While not much is known about the 22-year-old Instagram personality, she has been using Drake lyrics in her social media posts as of late, reinforcing the rumored narrative of the two’s romantic connection. While it has not been confirmed that the two are, indeed, dating, they were relatively close while out in Toronto earlier this week. Using much of Jamaican culture in his music, it is unsurprising for Drake to fall for an island girl as her roots are from Jamaica and Ireland. We will keep an eye on this potential couple and provide updates as they become available.

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