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Janet Jackson is set to be honored at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards receiving the Icon Award. Jackson is a 5-time Grammy award winner. Over her career, Jackson has received 18 Billboard Music Award nominations, winning ten times. She comes from the talented/controversial/down-right crazy Jackson family, of which she is the youngest.
The world was first introduced to Janet on the television screen. She appeared on The Jacksons, Good Times, and Fame. It was clear from an early age she was destined for stardom. She signed her first recording contract in 1982 and music history was made. Jackson would go on to sell over 100 million records. Some of her best songs include NastyAll For You, Control, That’s The Way Love Goes, Black Cat, Miss You Much, Escapade and the list could go on and on.

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Happy 25th anniversary to my favorite album of ALL TIME (it’s actually tied with CrazySexyCool but we’ll let it claim the #1 spot today lol!) Some of my fondest memories stem from this album (my DA96 peeps know why lol!) And yes I still know the routines to if, That’s The Way Love Goes, Throb and You Want This (even Whoops Now and Because of Love to some degree lol!) Blessed to have been able to see this tour too (PS it was the 2nd concert I’ve ever been to. I’m swimming in that XXL tour jacket lol!) If you’re wondering, my favorite tracks off the album are One More Chance (B-side to if), Anytime Anyplace, The Body That Loves You (clearly I’m a slow jam guy lol), You Want This and Throb. Anyway, thanks for this masterpiece Janet! It’s primarily why the tour/promo posters from this era take up half the walls in my room lol! 🎧💃🏽❤️🙏🏽 #janetjackson #janet #janet25

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Jackson might be 51 years old, but she damn sure doesn’t look it. The Icon Award recipient has been a sex symbol for decades. She may have gained her fame a bit before my time, but that hasn’t stopped her from transcending generations and catching the eye of every guy, no matter the age. I still remember seeing her posters hanging up in my older cousins bedrooms growing up and wondering, who the hell is that???
Andddd, no post about the hotness of Janet Jackson can be complete without reference to the infamous Super Bowl halftime “wardrobe malfunction” with Justin Timberlake. What an all-time moment in Super Bowl history, TV history, and every guy who grew up drooling over her history.
This incident literally shaped the future of NFL halftime shows forever. After that performance, the NFL went with a string of “older” performers just to avoid any type of scenario that could involve flashing a n*pple to millions and millions of people on live TV. The music industry and her fans will never forget her songs, and I, along with MANY men, will never forget JT ripping half her top off.

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