Top 10 True Stereotypes About Boston Universities

Boston is known as a college town. 80 plus colleges all crammed together in the state of Massachusetts is what you can call a disaster. Can you say disaster kids? Well maybe not a disaster but it sure can lead to a lot of rivalries or rumors. Boston Universities are the mean girls of the United States. Basically, high school bullies in college. You have your preppy, your sporty, your nerdy, your rejects, your richie rich, your artsy, and of course the overachievers. Now, I’m not saying that Boston is a place to stay away from, this is just some information to prepare you for what you might get into. Here are the stereotypes of some Boston Universities.


Do you like having a social life, hanging with friends, or sleep? If you said yes to all three of those and applied to Harvard, say goodbye to it all. If you did get into Harvard, congratulations, you must be really smart and really rich. So, get yourself a Harvard sweatshirt and be prepared to live in your dorm room for the 4 years you attend, because you won’t see the light of day until you graduate.


Do you remember that one kid in math class that sat in the front of the class, yeah they are going to MIT. The math and science know it all’s are on their computer right now trying to become the next Steve Jobs. There are probably dorm mates planning the next shuttle launch or figuring out how eighty-eight miles per hour equals time travel. While MIT students are doing this, the rest of us are creating a social life.


Tufts students are the MIT and Harvard rejects. They all have the dreaded rejection letters sitting in their trashcans. Tuft students are smart, just not smart enough for Harvard and MIT. But, don’t feel too bad. Most Tuft students are really quick in expressing how much better they are than the Ivy league schools. Tuft students = one uppers.


This one time at band camp, I played a lot of music and talked about music then smoked a massive blunt. In a nutshell that’s Berklee. The artsy musical students of Boston. It’s all music to them, it’s their goal to be the next rising star like their fellow alumni, Steven Tyler and John Mayer. They also have the occasional blunt and 6 pack like every good Berklee student does on a Monday night.


Emerson is like the hipster twin of Berklee. The artsy fartsy students that like to wear their beanies, skinny jeans, clear plastic glasses, and carry their grande Starbucks coffee in one hand while smoking a cigarette in the other – basically hipsters. They make homeless look like the new fall catalog for Urban Outfitters, but without the cardboard sign.


You know that terrifying feeling when you are at the library and if you make a sound the librarian will shush you? Those librarians are Wellesley students. They like peace and quiet but rub them the wrong way and they will kill. The only way to tame an angry Wellesley student is to pair them with a Harvard student. It’s like a moth to a flame.


There are two groups at Suffolk. The first, the graduate group who are real people that care about their lives and being successful. The second is everyone else who are still living in the glory days of high school. The undergraduates think they are the top dogs, smoke and drink anything in sight, and constantly wear the one pair of sweatpants until it’s time to spray the febreze. They don’t need to start caring until graduation when they actually need to wear a decent pair of pants.


The college that makes you stay an extra year for fun. Not really, but it is a school that makes you stay for 5 years in order to graduate. If you ever come across someone who is attending Northeastern, don’t ask them what year they are it’s best that neither of you know. In their heads, the extra year is what will help them get a better job. In everyone else’s heads, they have that job already.

Boston College (BC)

Very easy to mix up with BU. Future advice if you are ever in Boston and get BC mixed up with BU, run and hide. BC students spend most of their time picking out their J. Crew and Vineyard Vine outfits, partying, and doing as little of their homework as they possibly can while still earning a 4-year degree. In short these are the “Brad’s” of Boston.

Boston University (BU)

And then there are the rivals of BC or just the other evil twin. Not known for the scholarly achievement but well known for their mass amounts of money. Most of BU student body is filled with the peppy rich girls, cocky frat boys, and the rejects of BC. Don’t get me wrong, BU students are smart, they just have a little snobby and self-centered personality sprinkled in the mix of what they call a brain.

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