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If the name Chelsea Gates sounds familiar, there’s a good reason why. The South Florida native was once a co-host and reporter for a national sports morning show in Chicago on 120 Sports. She became a popular personality but eventually left the sports media world to pursue another passion: yoga. She is now a yoga teacher in South Florida and enjoys her job more than ever before. Oh, and she is also dating professional golfer Peter Uihlein, who competes on the PGA Tour and European Tour.
While it may seem crazy to some to walk away from a career in sports media when the gigs are so limited, she explained her decision to leave the industry and it is for all of the right reasons.
On her website, Gates writes:

Despite my passion for the career I was constantly left drained; working hours upon hours indoors at an office staring at a computer screen. When it was time to go on air the lights and three pounds of makeup caked on my face wore me down. I reached a low I’d never known. I had found success in the career I thought I wanted but still felt a huge void. My yoga practice previous to this point had been a bit sporadic.
During this stressful and confusing time as I contemplated a change in career paths I turned to my practice more consistently to take time for myself, to breathe, to move and to overall decompress. The more I practiced, the clearer things became. My muscles were toning, my mind was cleansing and life became fun again. Yoga became my sanctuary and it became obvious to me that this was actually my calling. It was time for a career change because all I wanted was to share the magic of yoga with others! I packed my bags, moved back to sunny south Florida and began my training. I’ve never felt healthier or happier than I do now and I want to share that feeling with anyone who might be feeling down in their careers, who need an active escape from the office or just wants to tone up.

So, I guess you could say she just went with the flow and it seems to have worked out fine.
To learn more about Gates and to see how yoga is supposed to be done right, you can head on over to Instagram to hit that follow button or follow her on Twitter.

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