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Chelsea Gates is a former sports reporter who co-anchored a nationally aired morning talk show based out of Chicago for 120 Sports, but she decided to walk away from the sports media world to pursue a different venture. The new pursuit was for something that brought more peace and happiness. That happened to be yoga, which she says was her calling. The career change took Gates back to South Florida where she is now a yoga teacher.
After she began teaching, Gates realized there was a need to make yoga more accessible to those who may be uncomfortable in a class setting so she came up with a brilliant solution. From her website:

After teaching for a little over a year & a half I began to realize that students getting to class was the hardest part. I had several people message saying they’d like to come to class but are too intimidated or aren’t flexible enough to practice in front of others. I had people asking for videos and workout regimes they could first start in the comfort of their own home and it got me thinking….what can I do to share my practice with people aren’t comfortable with attending class or are too far to make it to class? Then it dawned on me – an ebook! (COMING SOON!)

Outside of yoga, you will see Gates hanging out with her beloved huskies and boyfriend Peter Uihlein, who competes on the PGA Tour and European Tour.
To learn more about Gates and to see how yoga is supposed to be done right, you can head on over to Instagram to hit that follow button or follow her on Twitter.

Chelsea Gates Instagram: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures
Chelsea Gates Instagram: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures
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