Mother's Day 2018: Last Minute & DIY (Do It Yourself) Gifts

Guys, girls, husbands, sons, daughters, Mother’s Day is this Sunday. It’s one of those days, where you should make the woman or women in your life feel the most special and loved. But, when it comes to gifts for a Mother, time can be against anyone side especially if a person is under the gun or just can’t make up a decision on what would be the best possible present. Well, to help those with their Mother’s Day conundrum, we here at COED will provide you with some ideas with some last minute or do it yourself gifts for that very special lady.
Here are a few ideas:

Paper Flowers

If you’re running late on getting to the flower shop or the grocery store to have those lovely roses or tulips sitting in a vase early Sunday morning, paper flowers are another way to go. They’re creative, they are just as nice as real flowers, and they will actually last a lifetime. The other great thing about this gift is you can do them any way you like and decorate them, scoring you extra bonus points.
Take a look at them here.

Mineral Birthstone Soaps

Girls and especially mothers take their zodiacs and birthstones seriously. Grabbing one of these beautiful stones, very colorful I might add, will put a smile on their face. And who doesn’t love a colorful bath? These stones also being soaps, will take your special women to another world full of peace and tranquility.
Check them out here.

Personalized Family Tree


Mother’s Day is one of those days where everyone wants to be surrounded by their motherly figure and their family. Purchasing a customized family tree will show your Mom how much family matters. The tree can also make any wall in the house special and will look great.
You can find family trees on Amazon.

Customized Pendants

What Mother doesn’t love jewelry? When you find one, please let me know. Just kidding, but seriously, customized pendants with whatever message, names, or initials you come up with, will make any Mom recognize how important they are in your life. Whether it’s gold, silver, or rose, these pendants will add a sparkle to any mother’s day, not just Mother’s day.
Get your mom some jewelry here.


You can never go wrong with making a book full of pictures and memories for Mom to look through, maybe even seeing her shed a tear. Photobooks make for a fantastic last-minute present. This gift will show all those moments that Mom has made life so special for you while repaying her with commemorating all those times you’ve made special for her over the years.


This is the type of last-minute gift that you can go wild with and Mom will love it. What better way of expressing your gratitude and love for your mother, wife, etc., than putting it on a shirt for the whole family and whole world to see. Another thing is, the colors, the styles, or whatever you want to say about your awesome Mom can earn bonus points.

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