Kevin de Bruyne Net Worth 2024: How Much Is He Worth?

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has said that Kevin de Bruyne, besides Messi, is one of the best soccer players he’s ever seen. It’s a very bold statement, but once you witness the ManCity midfielder on the turf, you can’t help but agree. He’s not a goal-scoring Salah, but overall Kevin de Bruyne is what you call “The Complete Player.” He’s a leader on the field, an intelligent playmaker and an aggressive attacker whose always looking to be better. With the great success ManCity has encountered this past season, most notably their new title as “Premier League Champions,” de Bruyne has popped up on nearly everyone’s radar in the soccer world. De Bruyne has been standing on stage with the greats for a long time, but now it seems as though the spotlight is focused solely on him. Let’s take a look at how much the 26-year-old is making today!

Kevin de Bruyne Net Worth 2019: $30 Million

As of 2018, Kevin de Bruyne’s net worth is estimated to be around $30 million. He earns £260,000 weekly for Manchester City.

Destined for Fame

De Bruyne was born in Ghent, Belgium on June 28, 1991. He started playing the game early, at the age of 4. While playing on his youth club, he attracted an overwhelming amount of media attention. There were two main reasons for this. First, de Bruyne was a very impressive player even at his young age and second, Belgium’s soccer culture was suffering. The country had mostly older players who weren’t performing to fans’ expectations. Therefore the country looked to de Bruyne to be the future of Belgian soccer. No pressure.

The Genk Academy

Constantly on television being interviewed, de Bruyne received wide recognition. Every youth club was seeking him out. At the age of 14, he left home and decided to join the Genk Academy. In 2008, at 17 years old, the youngster trained with Genk’s professional team for the first time. Put simply: de Bruyne stunned. He barked orders at the older players and criticized them without any hesitation.
The players and coaches couldn’t believe the audacity of this ginger-haired boy. Not only was it a casual game, but that was literally the first time he ever trained with the team. However, upon seeing his level of play and realizing that maybe de Bruyne was just setting the bar high, the pro players found that they had respect for the kid. He then became a regular player for the team.

Before He Found Manchester City

De Bruyne enjoyed his time with Genk, but he wanted to grow as a player and he didn’t think he could do that there. Therefore in January 2012, de Bruyne left Genk and joined Chelsea. He didn’t play much because in 2014 he was loaned out to Wolfsburg in Germany. The following year, he became Germany’s Footballer of the Year after he scored 10 goals and accumulated 21 assists in one season. De Bruyne was then offered a position on Jurgen Klopp’s team, Borussia Dortmund. Despite the temptation to play for Klopp, the Belgian signed on with Manchester City.

The Sky Blues

In August 2015, ManCity confirmed the signing of de Bruyne for £51 million. Since then, de Bruyne has been viewed as one of Europe’s best players. In 2017, he was rewarded with a spot on UEFA’s Team of the Year. Additionally, he was named to PFA’s Team of the Year in both 2017 and 2018. He’s currently first in the Premier League for assists with a total of 15. De Bruyne also has been playing for the Belgium National Team since 2010.


Kevin De Bruyne is back in action after his injury but may not be ready for every game this time. Although, he says he is recovering much faster than he expected.

Sarah Braasch Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details
Sarah Braasch Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details
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