Maryland Man Kills Three People Then Himself After Domestic Dispute

Christopher Snyder, 41, killed three people inside his neighbor’s house after a domestic dispute with his wife and then fatally shot himself during a standoff with police, authorities say.
Snyder, of Brookeville, Maryland, was found dead inside his home Monday night, May 7, more than six hours after the fatal shootings next door, the Montgomery County Police Department said.
During a press briefing after the standoff ended, the Montgomery County Police Chief said that Snyder’s 33-year-old wife was held hostage by her husband in their home over the weekend. His wife said she was able to escape on Monday and fled to her neighbor’s house. Snyder followed her there and opened fire, killing three people. His wife was able to escape along with two others.
He then returned to his home where he refused to peacefully surrender. When SWAT members breached the front door shortly after 11 PM, Snyder shot and killed himself.
The three victims have been identified as Mary Olson, 66, Danny Lee Murphy, 70; and Craig Harold Shotwell, 54. Pictures of them from Kevin Lewis of ABC7 are below.

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On Tuesday, neighbors had nothing kind to say about Snyder. The variety of words used to describe the 41-year-old, included: aggressive, blowhard, cocky, private and strange – the kind of person you best not cross in a moment of disagreement most agreed.
According to multiple law enforcement sources, Snyder worked as a trainer at Code 3 Tactical Academy located in Columbia, Maryland, where he taught mixed martial arts, self-defense and tactical courses. At the 12,000-square-foot gym, however, Snyder went by the name, Chris Smith. A video posted on the facility’s Facebook page featured Snyder’s skill set.

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