Zazie Beetz Instagram: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures

Zazie Beetz is a German-American actress and model. She is most well known for playing Vanessa on the FX series Atlanta. Vanessa is the on and off girlfriend of Donald Glover’s character Earn. In addition to playing Vanessa, Beetz was recently cast as Domino in Deadpool 2, a role that is sure to put her more in the public eye and give her more widespread recognition.
Beetz was born in Berlin, Germany, the daughter of a German cabinet maker and an African-American social worker. She would, however, be raised and grow up in Uptown Manhattan. She holds dual German and American citizenship and is fluent in both German and English.

She acted from a very young age, performing in community theater productions across New York. She attended Muscota New School, the Harlem School of the Arts and LaGuardia Arts High school. After graduation, she went on to enroll at Skidmore College where she studied French.
Beetz began her acting career by appearing in short films and also taking on supporting roles in smaller productions. Her true breakthrough role came when she was cast as Vanessa on Atlanta. Playing the on and off again girlfriend of the main character Earn (Donald Glover), she was an essential character in her own right. Atlanta has earned widespread critical acclaim, and Beetz has been a primary reason why.
Her next big role is as Domino in the sequel to Deadpool, entitled, you guessed it, Deadpool 2. Domino is a mercenary that holds the power to manipulate luck, an ability that is sure to come in handy on her missions.
Between her acting ability and her being incredibly beautiful, don’t be surprised if Beetz isn’t a household name very soon.

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