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Britt McHenry’s career has been riddled with controversy. During her time as a reporter for ESPN, McHenry found herself briefly suspended after a video surfaced online that showed her berating a tow truck company employee for simply doing their job. McHenry was seen talking down to the employee and making insults about her appearance and weight.
Since being laid off by the Worldwide Leader in Sports, McHenry has tried to reignite her career by taking the trending path of regurgitating conservative talking points being peddled by supporters of Donald Trump.
That has led to even more controversy on social media, but McHenry has been able to use that attention to land multiple appearances on FOX News during her transition from the sports world to the political scene. According to McHenry, it is a career move she always wanted to make.
She told the Washington Post‘s Dan Steinberg:

“What’s attractive to me right now is more than just sports,” she said. “And there aren’t a lot of women who are not afraid to express their opinion, like I have been, on the Right side. And so again, does that limit outlets? Yeah, but I think if you hate me, or if you love what I’m saying, it’s true to what I think. I’m not making it up. … I feel like a weight’s lifted off my shoulders, that I can say what I believe.”

“I’d rather do something that I believe and love than just take a job reading copy or doing a sideline report. I feel like I’ve done that already. I want to enter a new arena,” she added during an appearance on  The Federalist Radio Hour.
Currently, the 31-year-old is serving as a contributor for FOX News, The Federalist, and host of “Like It Or Not” on WTTG Fox 5 in Washington, D.C. along with Bram Weinstein and Guy Lambert.

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