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Emma Slater is a 29-year-old dancer and choreographer from Tamworth, Staffordshire, England who rose to prominence through her appearances on FOX’s Dancing with the Stars. Slater has appeared as a competitor on the past eight seasons of Dancing with the Stars and is set to dance alongside retired baseball player Johnny Damon in the show’s 26th season, set to debut April 30th.
Prior to making it as a featured performer on Dancing with the Stars, Slater had worked both in theater and movies, having featured in the film Meryl Streep-led Mamma Mia! and on the film’s soundtrack. While she initially worked on Dancing with the Stars as a lead choreographer and troupe leader, having previously worked independently for Usher, Slater became a mainstay on the show during its 17th season.


During the show’s 24th season in 2017, Slater and her partner, former NFL running back Rashad Jennings, went on to win first place. Slater would finish fourth the following season alongside her partner Drew Scott, of Property Brothers fame. In 2018, she married fellow Dancing with the Stars dancer Sasha Farber, following Farber’s proposal in the middle of a season 24 episode.

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