RECAP: ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Episode 3: Must-See Review S4E3

Fear The Walking Dead airs at 9:00 P.M. on Sunday, April 29, 2018. In this episode, Madison and Morgan try to help Nick find inner peace; a quest for revenge exacts its toll on the group.


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Fear The Walking Dead  Season 4, Episode 3 Viewing Details

Date: Sunday, April 29, 2018
Time: 9:00 P.M. EST
Episode Title: “Good Out Here”
TV Channel: AMC

We’re All Still Breathing

Althea tries to get through to her new captors, Nick, Alicia, Strand, and Luciana, but so far no one’s up for a bit of chit-chat. They’ve hijacked her truck and she, Morgan, and John are stuck driving wherever it is now the Clark crew call home. It definitely looks like they’ve spent some time outdoors, and not in a good way. After the back and forth gets old, Luciana crashes the truck and the two groups are forced to have some face time.

In exchange for help fixing the truck, Althea will tell them where she found the flag she’s been holding on to (one of the Vulture group’s markers from the previous episodes) and they’ll have to tell their stories to her. This whole video journalism gig she has going is really streamlining the whole storytelling process this season which I for one am not complaining.

The Power of Protein

As a sign of good faith, Nick and Morgan remain behind while the remaining parties of both groups head out to find gear to fix the truck they damaged in the hijacking. The two bond over a shared protein bar, as well as some comical smacks of the stick from Morgan. Morgan cuts him free, realizing the kid is emotionally distressed and in no way a threat (big mistake). Nick may not be a threat but he definitely isn’t one who likes being held down.

Nick takes this opportunity to watch Morgan’s interview Althea took of him the day they met. It definitely strung a chord, however it wasn’t enough to get Nick to stay docile for long. He hit the horn and knocked Morgan into the truck before he could get his stick up and took off running as a hoard of walkers approached. Rookie mistake, if they’re coming for one of you, they’re coming for all of you kid.

Sketchy Stories

Strand is not a fan of Althea’s whole mission to collect stories. Perhaps that’s because since the first day we met him back in season 1 he’s been shrouded in mystery. Strand’s secrets have secrets. Even Alicia says, “I have no idea how she’s alive.” Still, the truth has kept Althea going this long, if it hasn’t cost her humanity yet, perhaps it’s a price the Clark family should think about paying.

Meanwhile, Nick reflects on a conversation with his mother about the cost of going out and scavenging. Madison tells him that as long as you focus on one thing good out there, then it was worth making the trip, despite never knowing what you’re going to find outside the walls of safety. Right when Nick, finally out of breath running away from the trap he set for Morgan, sees the beauty in a patch of wildflowers… he gets tackled by the same walkers he lured toward Morgan in the first place. Lucky for him, there are still good people out there, and Morgan saves his ass in the nick of time.

The rest of the group get back to the truck to see it overrun by walkers with an arrow in the road pointing in the direction Nick and Morgan escaped to. John and Luciana go find Nick and Morgan while Strand and Alicia agree to help Althea free the truck for information and in return she gets to film them. They seriously better have some good stories to get off their chest because the lengths this woman is willing to go for her profession is more than most in a pre-apocolyptic world.

Morgan helps Nick find one of the Vultures who terrorized his community he’s apparently been tracking since all hell broke loose, and Nick murders him brutally by impaling him with deer antlers. Guess the cost for stealing canned goods means death. Morgan tells Nick he’s been where he is, and he more than understands what he’s going through. Morgan offers to help. The truck is now free and the group, now getting to know each other a bit better, pick up Nick and Morgan and live to fight another day. At least the next time, the fight won’t be with each other.

And just like that, the little girl Charlie who conned them all last week shoots Nick point blank in the chest. I don’t think this is something he can walk off…


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