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Most women employed by NFL Network are smokes and co-host of the 2018 NFL Draft Colleen Wolfe is no exception. In fact, there can be an argument made that she is right at or near the top of hottest women at the network. Growing up near Philly I had come across the name before, but it wasn’t until I spotted her at the 2018 NFL Draft that it really clicked how hot this girl is.
Wolfe is a native of Philadelphia and attended college at Drexel University where she obtained her degree in Corporate Communications. Her career began with a job at my personal favorite Philly sports radio station, WIP. I’m sure if anyone from the Philly area is reading this, some are shouting that the Fanatic is better, but those people would be wrong, and that’s an argument for another time. It’s actually an argument that once got me kicked out of a Philly restaurant, but again that is a story for another time. Back to our main attraction Colleen Wolfe.
After WIP, Wolfe became an on-air personality and a producer at Comcast SportsNet. She also worked for Fox 29 as a sports reporter. Wolfe had the title of a producer in charge of Phils Postgame and the Golf Show. After gaining national recognition through her work in the Philadelphia sports market, Wolfe got offered a job at NFL Network where she has been ever since. She has appeared on NFL GameDay, Good Morning Football Weekend, NFL Power Rankings, and Around The NFL.
Wolfe is married to fellow sports reporter John Gonzalez, who also got his start in the industry in Philadelphia. He currently works as a writer for The Ringer.

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