The 3 Men Who Are Looking To Replace Arsène Wenger


Mikel Arteta

The retired Spanish midfielder and Manchester City assistant manager is getting a lot of lover from Arsenal fans. Not only has Arteta received guidance under a very successful head coach, but he has a history with Arsenal, as a former captain of the team. Critics believe he has a lack of managerial experience; however, the 36-year-old is known for his innovative style of play and is expected to bring fresh ideas to the club.

Luis Enrique

The 47-year-old stepped down as manager of FC Barcelona in 2017 to go on sabbatical and has recently been searching for a management position with a top English team. It seems like this may now be his chance. The former Real Madrid and FC Barcelona player has acquired some boastful stats over the course of his managerial career. Enrique has won two La Liga titles as well as the Champions League. In his three seasons with Barcelona, the team won nine (out of a possible thirteen) trophies. It’s obvious this guy doesn’t mess around.

Domenico Tedesco

At the ripe age of 32, Tedesco is a cherub compared to Wenger. The FC Schalke manager is also relatively new to the whole manager thing. He has only one year of experience so far. Despite this, he has done a lot for his team in that small amount of time. Schalke is ranked second in the Bundesliga, and this can be attributed mainly to Tedesco’s form of coaching. He’s a big proponent of defending. He believes a team should focus on defense first, and scoring second. Based on Arsenal’s past season, this type of thinking may be exactly what the club needs.

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