Official Guide To Avoiding Spoilers For 'Avengers: Infinity War'

We all have that friend… that co-worker… that relative… who just refuses to keep their mouth shut. Avengers: Infinity War is going to be the most talked about film of the season. You need to prepare yourself for the inevitable. Spoilers are coming. The official LA premiere takes place on April 23rd and once that footage drops, it’s game over. Follow this guide, and you will survive until your showtime starts.

Beat ‘Em To The Punch

Marvel Studios

You can’t get spoiled if you’ve already seen it! Because of this, I’m seeing Infinity War a day early — AMC Stubs Members who racked up enough points can take advantage of this privilege. This gives you a 2-3 day spoiler window where you’ll still be vulnerable to exposure despite seeing it a day early. Still, at least you won’t have to wait ’til the 27th with the common folk, right?

Ditch The Devices
You think you can’t live without your phone or laptop? TRY LIVING WITH INFINITY WAR SPOILERS. Only YOU can stop this.
Feeling the urge to tweet? Read a book. Dying to check your gram feed? Read a book with pictures. There is no avoiding this. Do you really want to find out which of your favorite and beloved characters bite the dust from some guy on Reddit with the username xxKeepinItREAL69!? That might not even be a reliable source! Did you know strangers on the internet sometimes may not be safe sources? Every year there are rumors of celebrity deaths that (shockingly) turn out to be hoaxes — don’t let your favorite hero become another casualty, if they’re gonna die, let them go with some dignity.

Treat Yo’ Self

Need to forget about Infinity War until you can actually see it? Three words: treat yo’ self. Get out and do something that makes you happy and most importantly, allows you to relax. There is nothing more stressful than pent-up anticipation. If going for a run makes you feel good, treat yo’ self. If a pitcher of frozen margaritas and some nachos makes you forget about the impending death toll, then, by all means, TREAT YO’ SELF. This is the time for you to take for yourself and really do some self-care. After all, you’re going to be a disaster after you see this movie. Try and hold it together.

If you can’t hide under a rock or refocus your energy on something other than the MCU… it’s gonna be a long five days my friend. Itching for a fix? My advice, binge every Marvel movie you can get your hands on. Once you finish the films, move on to the Netflix series, from there you can try to watch Agents of SHIELD if you’re really in bad shape. Good luck everyone, I hope to see you assemble soon in a theater near you.
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