You Need To Follow The Las Vegas Golden Knights On Twitter Immediately

The Las Vegas Golden Knights not only have been killing it in the playoffs but on their social media account as well. Every game night when the account live tweets, I live for their comments! I’m a retweet machine when it comes to the Golden Knights. Here is a list of my top ten recent favorites. They’ll have you rolling on the floor laughing!

The tweet that literally stopped time in Vegas because the Golden Knights crushed the Kings. It was Fleury vs Quick and Flower came out on top.

Just another tweet about my favorite team bragging about why they should be everyone’s favorite team. I mean maybe I’m biased but I do like to sport my Fleury jersey around town on game day!


When the Golden Knights swept the Kings and even they were shocked themselves. I should file this tweet under something I knew was going to happen. Let’s file the next tweet under what will the Kings do on their offseason, shall we?

Who said I needed a prince charming to bring me a glass slipper, a Golden Knights player would be even better. I mean I’ll take a Stanley Cup trophy over a glass high heel any day!

A perfect example of what goes on in the team huddle in the locker room before and during the break in the middle of the game. “Be Cool” should be the Golden Knights motto at this point. They are the definition of the smiley face sunglass emoji.


I feel like this tweet is self-explanatory, have you seen Flower out on the ice. Marc- Andre Fleury is a true gift. There aren’t enough retweets in the world that could showcase that! He has defined what the flower emoji means to me.

This tweet is actually my emotions before the puck drop, I can’t even tell you the level of nerves. I got through all the emoji stages, to be honest. I feel like I’m there on the ice with them. I love how relatable this tweet is.

This is just a small example of the team spirit, this little munchkin is dressed up like the Golden Knights mascot, Chance the Gila monster aka my one true love.


This tweet is literally just showcasing what everyone already knows. How truly good-looking the Knights players are. I love that they just a slow-mo gif of the players walking into the arena.

James Neal is the real deal…is there anything more to say? Other than the fact that if you haven’t seen James Neal in action you’re missing out. He is fully taking advantage of his time on the ice! We saw that first hand during the start of the playoff games.

These are just the top ten most recent tweets, if I were you I’d definitely consider following the Las Vegas Golden Knights twitter account. If you’re a super fan like me, then I’d put on my tweet notifications too. I can’t wait to see how the Golden Knights tweet their way through the playoffs.

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