Anna Congdon Instagram: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures

Say hello to Anna Congdon, the girlfriend on this year’s NFL draft’s number one running back Saquon Barkley. Congdon is a Penn State student who is studying nursing according to the school’s directory. Barkley has been scoring since he has arrived at Penn State and it clearly isn’t just on the football field.
The former Penn Star star is not the only one turning heads on the Nittany Lions Campus.

Barkley and Congdon have been dating for over a year and announced in March they are expecting their first child together. The announcement was delayed nearly eight months as Congdon and Barkley are expecting the birth of their child in April.

Guess what else is happening in April? The NFL draft. What a crazy scenario this could turn into if the child arrives on the same day Barkley gets selected in the draft. Either way, the month of April will be a life-changing moment for the couple.
Barkley is ranked as the number one running back on almost every team’s draft board. Mock drafts place him in the top-5 with some having him selected as high as the first overall pick. Barkley finished his Penn State career with 3,843 rushing yards and 53 total touchdowns. He scored nearly every way possible at PSU rushing, receiving, passing, returning, and Anna Congdon. There is a very short list of players who succeed more in college.

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