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This past weekend the WWE Universe was shocked to find out about the split of WWE power couple, Nikki Bella and John Cena. As sad as we are to hear about the duos parting of ways we will always be reminded about how wacky the two can be. Especially John Cena. Many wrestling fans follow the Face That Runs The Place on Instagram, 9.1 million in fact, to see his crazy posts. Sometimes it’s trolling an opponent, sometimes it’s a car he thinks is awesome, and sometimes it just makes no sense. Always presented with no explanation. Here is just a taste of the things you’ll see on the Instagram of the man you can’t see.

Stone Cold (insert name here)


A great series that Cena seems to be a fan of is taking the same photo of Stone Cold Steve Austin and photoshopping other people’s faces into them… why? Why not! No one is safe from the face theft. From his boss Stephanie McMahon to TV personalities like Stephen Colbert to musicians like Steven Tyler. It’s a funny but sometimes off-putting trend…

Undertaker Goading


Cena posted this recently when trying to goad the Phenom into a match. As we all know now, Cena got his match with the Deadman at Wrestlemania 34 but before we knew it was pretty funny to watch Cena troll the Undertaker like this.

Bob Ross and The Predator


This isn’t his only photo of the painter with the most calming voice of all time on his Instagram…but maybe the most interesting…

Leia on the Beach


Someone posting about Star Wars is ordinary. But this is an interesting choice of photos. Seems as normal as…. well as Vader standing on a beach.

Oh, Yeeeeah Brother!


A play off of the popular monicker used by Hulk Hogan and “Macho Man” Randy Savage when addressing other people. It’s fitting to have the former Mega Powers photoshopped into this reimagining of the Coen’s Brothers classic.

Buried… or burned?


Speaking of photoshopping wrestlers into photos, this one is downright savage–no pun intended. Back when Baron Corbin had the Money in the Bank briefcase, Cena was his biggest troll. Even going so far as to laugh at the man in-ring when his cash in failed. He would also post this photo of Corbin… in a dumpster fire. Was Cena burying (keeping someone down the card) Corbin? Not sure, but how much has he done since?

 The Saints Downfall


After the crazy finish to this past years NFC Championship game, a last-minute win by the Minnesota Vikings, a slew of memes and trash talk surfaced. This may be my favorite though, a picture depicting a Stone Cold Stunner being the downfall of the Saints.

Go See Ferdinand… I Think


Cena likes using interesting photos to promote his matches and movies. Like this one to help promote the animated film Ferdinand in which Cena lends his voice to the titular character. That’s clear..right?



If his Instagram is any indication, Cena really likes Pugs. Here is one picture of a pug he posted that encapsulates three things the man himself loves. Luxury, Wine, and pugs.

Literally All Of His Early Stuff


If you really deep dive his early stuff it gets bizarre. Especially without context. If we focused on just the early posts, this post would be far too long. Here is a taste but I urge you to go check it out yourself…
John Cena gives a lot of himself to the public. He is a cornerstone of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and regularly hosts the Kids Choice Awards. His upcoming movie Blockers also shows that he’s willing to dive into adult comedy as well. All of this while being a major representative for the WWE but it’s nice to have this little slice of his weird side. I highly suggest any WWE fan to give it a follow on Instagram

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