In Unsurprising News, Leo DiCaprio's New GF Is Attractive

Camila Morrone is Leo’s new girlfriend and latest stop on his neverending carousel of stunning model love interests. She’s 20, from Argentina, and a model/actress. Sounds about right.
Camila made her runway debut in 2017 before appearing on the cover of Vogue Turkey. She made her acting debut in the James Franco’s film Bukowski, and in 2018, she starred in the action film Death Wish, starring Bruce Willis.
She’s also got some Hollywood family ties. Her dad, Maximo Morrone, was a male model, her mom, Lucila Sola, is an actress, and her stepdad is also of the thespian profession. His name is Al Pacino and he’s been nominated for eight Oscars, winning once. Pathetic I know, but better than most.
In Death Wish, she did what any other acting newbie would do before a film: give ole Al a call and ask for some advice…

This was kinda like listening to someone talk about winning the lottery like they just won a $1 scratch-off. You’re retelling the story of being cast in a movie alongside John McClane. Don’t downplay this fairytale and give a coy “my stepdad is Al Pacino” name drop (that technically wasn’t a name drop because she never said his name but it definitely still was). I know it’s selfish (and weird), but no one should be allowed to be in a movie with Bruce Willis, date Leo DiCaprio, and have Al Pacino as a stepdad. It’s not fair to me. I  don’t know why, but it isn’t.
Also if I were Camila I would be LIVID with Al. You’re family (*dating mama Morrone) and you can’t give me more than a couple cliché one-liners for advice? Humor me, my man. Make something up or at least act like you’re trying. A stepdad can never get complacent.

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Nikki Bella Instagram: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures
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