Brock Lesnar Vs. Everyone: 5 People With Real-Life Problems With Brock

The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar. A scary and imposing figure in Sports Entertainment. Not only is he a monster in the storytelling world of WWE, he can also destroy you in real life as he proved with his time with the UFC. He seems like the kind of guy you wouldn’t want to make angry, but that hasn’t stopped a few people from doing so. With reports of Lesnar having a fit at his boss, Vince McMahon, after his Wrestlemania 34 match, it’s hard to believe he won’t go after anyone in his way. Here are some people who got on the wrong side of the longest reigning Universal Champion.

Vince and Shane McMahon
As mentioned earlier reports are beginning to surface that when Lesnar came through Gorilla Position (the production area right behind the curtain at the top of the ramp) at Wrestlemania 34 he had a confrontation with WWE CEO Vince McMahon. Reports tell of a shouting match between McMahon and Lesnar so heated that McMahon’s son, Shane, got involved and into Lesnar’s face. Now is this part of a story? If not it is insane. Even though WWE is no stranger to storylines of people beating up their boss– going after them in real life is totally different. If it’s real then the McMahon’s must not have taken it to personally because he has resigned with the company. So alls well that ends well?

Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho is never one to back down from a real fight. This is the man who once took on Goldberg backstage in a shoot (real) fight when he heard that Goldberg was bad-mouthing him. So when the 2016 Summerslam massacre of Randy Orton at the hands of Brock Lesnar happened, Jericho was ready to defend his wrestling brethren. Angry at what he thought was a savage and uncalled for head injury that Lesnar caused on Orton, the much smaller man was ready to rumble. Luckily it was defused before it got out of control and Jericho was told it was all part of the story but one thing was perfectly clear. Y2J will step up if he needs to.


Curt Hennig

Curt Hennig, better known as “Mr. Perfect” with WWE, is a legend. More so a product of the 90’s, Hennig was a two-time Intercontinental Champion and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007. He is also the father of current WWE superstar and former Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel. At the end of his career, Mr. Perfect picked a fight with the wrong newcomer. In 2002 on what would be known as “the plane ride from hell”, a plane full of liquored up WWE superstars caused havoc on a chartered flight. Two of these guys happened to be Hennig and Lesnar. Hennig goaded Lesnar into a real wrestling match. Not backing down from a fight Lesnar went in and went in hard. During the scuffle, the two slammed into the emergency exit door and handle. Since the event, it has been reported that the pressure wouldn’t have given the door the ability to open but it didn’t stop WWE from firing Hennig due to the incident.

Braun Strowman
Now there technically wasn’t a backstage fight between Lesnar and Stroman, but there definitely was an in-ring moment caught on tape. At the 2018 Royal Rumble Stroman hit Lesnar with a very stiff knee. Now we all know that Stroman is still learning how to perfect his in-ring product–but messing up a move on a man who can legitimately beat the heck out of you is a bad idea. After the knee, Lesnar decided to let Stroman know that he just made a huge mistake. When Lesnar got back up, he wound up and delivered a punch right to the side of Strowman’s head. After the strike you see Stroman stumble and Lesnar yells at him to “calm down!” Though his choice of words was a bit more colorful…
You hear about stories all the time of wrestlers getting angry and fighting. It’s a business where you pretend to hit each other, sometimes you are going to do so for real. Emotions run high. But if there’s one person I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of–it’s Brock Lesnar.

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