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Following the release of her 2014 debut Auqarius, Tinashe (born Tinashe Kachingwe) found herself suddenly being compared to the likes of Janet Jackson, FKA Twigs, and Aaliyah. Aquarius’s collection of synthetic and melancholic alt-R&B songs, all of which were written in-part by the singer/dancer, led to a great deal of suspense for a follow-up release; however, that next release — 2016’s Nightride — was not the project Tinashe had planned to release as her follow-up. The album she had planned to release in 2015 was titled Joyride, and, after three years on hold, she’s finally given it a proper release.
Tinashe initially began leaking “buzz” tracks from Joyride in 2015, dropping the singles “Party Favors” featuring Young Thug and “Player” featuring Chris Brown. By 2016, it appeared the singer was gearing up for a major promotional push, but just as it seemed she would begin releasing album singles, she instead released “Company,” the first and only single from the Nightride mixtape/album.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Tinashe described the changes Joyride has undergone over the past three years, as well as the evolution her music has taken in general:

It’s completely different. I think the theme and the general mood and essence is the same but most of the tracks have been revamped since then. I feel like I’ve grown a lot, and that’s reflective in the music. I’m glad that it took the time that it took to get the project to the point it’s at now…
…So Aquarius was a great summary of where I evolved, making music that was feeling R&B but also touching on different genres, playing with different sounds. [The 2016 mixtape] Nightride I think is a step further than that — a more moody sound that is, to some of my fans, the more classic Tinashe; it has that sexy, nighttime vibe to it. Joyride has much more energy. It’s a lot more upbeat. It’s purposeful, energetic, and it has an attitude.

Tinashe Joyride Details:

Artist: Tinashe
Genre: Hip-Hop
Release Date: April 13, 2018

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