Dodd Middle School Lockdown: Full Story & Must-See Details

A school in Cheshire, Connecticut, Dodd Middle School, has been placed on lockdown after threats were made, with nobody being allowed in or out of the school, right before 1 P.M., local time, on Friday. With officials also asking parents not to respond to the school until the lockdown was officially announced to have been lifted, it is unclear during early reports what the exact threat is or who is responsible for making it.

What happened?

According to WTNH, officers arrived at the school at around 12:30 P.M., local time. Within fifteen minutes, Cheshire Superintendent’s office reported that the situation was downgraded to “non-threat,” but the school remains under lockdown. Police are staying at the school as it remains on lockdown, but have said that students and teachers are not in imminent danger.
The investigation concerning the school is still ongoing.

What are officials saying about the incident?

According to NBC Connecticut, the lockdown was originally put in place after the school administration received “notification against Dodd.”
According to New Haven Register, Lt. Jeffrey Sutherland described the original issue as “word of a threat against the school itself.”

The lockdown has since been lifted

According to My Record Journal, the lockdown was lifted after about an hour; officials revealed that the threat had been made by a student, although it was ultimately deemed not credible, with the Board of Education releasing the following statement:

“The school was put into a lockdown because of a report we received that a student had made a threat against the school.”
“Based on their investigation, the Cheshire Police have concluded that there is no credible threat against staff, students, or the school.”

The Hartford Courant also confirmed that students will be dismissed from the school at their regular hours; at this time, however, officials have not elaborated on the original threat that sparked the lockdown in the first place.

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