UI Fraternity Brother Accused Of Stealing Over $20,000 From His Own Frat

Iowa City Police have arrested an Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity brother for allegedly stealing from his fraternity’s bank account. Drew W. Rominger, 25, has been accused of taking $20,839.33 from the Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity bank account while he was treasurer.

Between Aug. 2016 and July 2017, Rominger allegedly made 73 suspicious cash withdrawals by ATM and check from the Fraternity’s bank account. The police complaint said the ATM withdrawals came from the fraternity’s debit card, and all check withdrawals were signed by Rominger.

via Iowa City Press-Citizen

Police say Rominger claimed he was drawing money to pay the fraternity’s bills, but the utility records for the fraternity during that time sow multiple late fees and non-payments.

The Alpha Chi Sigma: Alpha Theta Chapter website says it is a co-ed chemistry fraternity at the University of Iowa. Rominger is still listed as the house treasurer online.

Rominger has been charged with first degree theft, a Class C felony. The charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years.

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