7 Honeymoon Destinations That May Disappear Soon

Our planet is constantly changing. Many unique places have already been lost to us, while others have been preserved for future generations, but they suffer from the changes taking place around them. Luckily, we still have the opportunity to see these spots. Don’t miss this really valuable chance and visit one of these seven unique honeymoon destinations!

Dead Sea

The most famous reservoir on the planet dries up extremely quickly. This process provokes the emergence of karst craters, that is, landslides, and if in 1900, there were only 40 of them, today there are more than 3,000 of them. This provokes fears for soil stability in this spot. Who knows how much time remains until this unique spot completely disappears from our planet.

Solomon Islands

The level of the world’s ocean is gradually rising due to global warming. Thus, some land areas, especially islands, have to withstand the ‘attacks’ of the ocean that gradually absorbs them. The Solomon Islands aren’t an exception, given that the five islands of this archipelago have already disappeared under the water. Find time to see this unique honeymoon destination’s main sights, until they’re gone.

The Ice Fields Of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Kilimanjaro stands out with its snowy peaks which create an incredible contrast with the dried up lands of Tanzania. Recent studies show that about 85% of the snow has already melted. If the melting continues at the same pace, then we’ll lose one of the wonders of our planet in the next 15 years.

Port Campbell National Park, Australia

12 apostles are one of Australia’s most important sights. In fact, there are only nine apostles, but the name was chosen for greater tourist attraction. Limestone cliffs grow out of the ocean like needles and brightly reflect the beauty of the Great Ocean Road, located in the state of Victoria. Unfortunately, because of the strong waves, the rocks are gradually being destroyed. One of them already collapsed in 2005.


One of the most amazing countries in the world is losing its wealth every day. The pearl of Africa suffers from the activities of poachers, environmental pollution, rapid urban growth, and excessive felling. There’s not much time left for this part of nature. Then we’ll witness a tragedy of a planetary scale. Such tropical honeymoon destinations, as Madagascar, are worth seeing, so don’t waste your opportunity while it’s still there.

Belize Barrier Reef

This is a perfect example of the natural wealth of our planet, located in the Caribbean Sea. The reef can seem an element of a fantastic world, but it’s quite real, and today, it’s even more real due to the threat of extinction. In 1998, Hurricane Mitch came here, causing irreparable damage to the ecosystem of the region, destroying about 50% of the species of local inhabitants. Many species of marine animals have disappeared, and the reef itself is gradually being destroyed. The situation is also worsened by global climatic processes and excessive fishing.

Venice, Italy

This city is one of the top honeymoon destinations, and Russian girls love it so much that going there as well can be called a traditional dream of theirs. The situation here isn’t as critical as in other spots from our list, but nevertheless, according to forecasts, about 60% of the city can be covered with water which rises higher and higher every year. Of course, today you can spend a fabulous honeymoon in this magical city, but your children and grandchildren may have some difficulties with such a trip.
A honeymoon can become not only the next chapter of your love story but also a unique experience of your life if you go to one of those places that, perhaps, will soon disappear from the face of the Earth. Wouldn’t you like to become one of the last people, who visited these unique honeymoon destinations?

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