Windham Schools Lockdown: Full Story & Must-See Details

In a message issued on Facebook, Windham Public Schools in Connecticut announced that they were altered by local police over a shooting in the area. With the suspects fleeing the scene, schools in the district are being put on lockdown/shelter in place, meaning public people are not permitted inside or outside the building.

What happened?

The Facebook message, which was issued in both English and Spanish, can be read below:

“As of 8:45 AM we have been notified by the State Police that there has been a shooting in the Windham Heights area. The suspects have fled the area and all schools are in lockdown/shelter in place. Based on recommendations of the State Trooper and Chief of Willimantic Police, all schools are in lockdown/shelter in place. Therefore, no one from the public is permitted in and out of the buildings. We will keep you informed of any changes.”

According to WFSB, the shooting took place in Willimantic and was believed to have been caused by a dispute; at this time, there are no injuries connected to the incident.

The lockdown has been lifted

Eventually, the following update was posted on Facebook:

“As of 9:40 AM, the Lockdown/Shelter in Place has been lifted for all Windham Public Schools per recommendation of law enforcement. The school day will continue as normal. Thank you for your concern and cooperation.”

According to WFSB, a suspected identified as Brandon Jones has been arrested over the incident, having been picked up 30 miles away at the Red Roof Inn in New London; he was 25 years old at the time of the incident. Reportedly, officers’ inability to locate the suspect had been what cause the schools to be placed on lockdown.
Willimantic police have said they would release more information on the story later today.
As this story is developing, more information will be released as made available.

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