Neri Oxman Instagram: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures

A “love of architecture” brought them together: Neri Oxman, an esteemed MIT professor, and Brad Pitt, a guy who’s been in a couple movies. The two have reportedly been spending time together as friends after they met through an MIT architecture project. Apparently, they’re not dating, but from what I know about architecture, it comes second to none as nature’s most pure aphrodisiac.
So who is Neri Oxman? She’s somewhat of a rockstar in the architecture community and has a TED talk about design, science, and technology that has racked up more than 1.6 million views online. She was born in Israel to an American father and an Israeli mother who were both architects. She fulfilled her mandatory service in the Israeli military, and after a brief stint in medical school, decided to pursue her interest in design. She transferred to architecture school and eventually entered the PhD program in design computation at MIT.
Oxman specializes in Material Ecology, a term she coined, which implements elements found in nature into the design of buildings, products, and even fashion. Oxman’s work has been displayed as permanent collections in some of the most renowned museums around the world
In 2015, the award-winning professor gave a talk at the TED conference called “Design at the Intersection of Technology and Biology.” The talk discussed how designers can take inspiration from the biological world to create new technologies.

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